Ariel Lavi’s films were distributed to TIVID TV in Florida

“Metanoia” and “Dangerous Silence” are  thought-provoking short films produced by Ariel Lavi, and directed by Moran Avni and released in Mexico in December 2021. Metanoia revolves around a couple who receives a mysterious package at their home, which becomes a catalyst for addressing deeper issues within their broken marriage. With a runtime of just 8 minutes, “Metanoia” creates a captivating narrative and explores introspection, change, and self-discovery themes.

“Metanoia” is known for its engrossing and emotionally powerful story, which Ariel Lavi meticulously crafted with his passion for storytelling and a keen eye for talent. Lavi’s expertise and dedication as a producer contributed to the creation of this critically acclaimed film. His involvement in “Metanoia” showcases his remarkable ability to bring together a talented team and oversee the production process, resulting in a highly acclaimed film. 

The film features a talented cast, including Jessica Decote as Ana, Laura di Luca as Sara, and Carlos Hendrick Huber as C.A.R.L. Their performances bring depth and emotion to the characters, allowing viewers to empathize with their struggles and journey.

“Metanoia” falls under the genre of short sci-fi, blending elements of mystery and introspection. The arrival of the mysterious package serves as a metaphorical representation of the couple’s internal conflicts, forcing them to confront their demons. As they unravel the secrets behind the box, they realize that their broken marriage is a symptom of deeper issues.

The concise runtime of the film works to its advantage, as it maintains a tight pace and keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. Despite its brevity, “Metanoia” delivers a powerful and thought-provoking message about the complexities of human relationships and the potential for personal growth.

The cinematography captures the atmosphere of tension and introspection, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Filmed on location in Mexico, the setting adds a distinct flavor to the story, showcasing the beauty of the surroundings.

“Metanoia” has garnered critical acclaim, with 64 wins and 25 nominations. Thanks to its compelling storytelling and strong performances, it has resonated with audiences and critics alike. The film’s success is a testament to the creative vision of director Moran Avni and the collaborative efforts of the entire cast and crew.

Recently, “Metanoia” has been distributed to streaming platforms in Florida, allowing a broader audience to experience its thought-provoking narrative. This move enables viewers outside of Mexico to appreciate the film’s artistic merit and engage with its themes.

Furthermore, the availability of “Metanoia” on streaming platforms allows viewers to discover and support independent cinema. It will enable them to explore unique and thought-provoking narratives that may have yet to receive widespread theatrical releases. By engaging with films like “Metanoia,” viewers contribute to the growth and diversity of the film industry, encouraging the production of more innovative and meaningful content.

In conclusion, “Metanoia” is a captivating short film that delves into the complexities of human relationships. Through its intriguing storyline, talented cast, and concise runtime, the film leaves a lasting impact on its audience. With its recent distribution to streaming platforms in Florida, “Metanoia” has the potential to reach a broader audience and spark meaningful discussions about personal growth, introspection, and the power of change. 

Dangerous Silence is a Nigerian short film. Written and produced by Ariel Lavi . The film won 13 awards all over the world. It was screened at Golden State Film Festival at TCL Chinese Theatre and was nominated best Nigerian Short Film at th19 Abuja International Film Festival. Starred the Nollywood Actor Olaide Almaroof, Otega Igho , Jemima Adelekan. Directed by Adeyinka Adetoyi .