Are You Ready? Omri Malka And Gabriele Falanga Are ‘The Kimonos’! Ready When You Are EP Is Out Now!

The Ready When You Are EP from The Kimonos has all the internet in awe. The Ready When You Are Ep features four songs; Blu Oasis, Ready When You Are, Ready When You Are (Instrumental Mix), and Ready When You Are (Tom Gatley Remix). We are definitely ready and definitely wanting more, and we can tell these two artists are ready to perform. The hysteria from anyone that has attended their live events is mind blowing. People just can’t get enough of these guys helming them as the next big name in electronic music. These two DJs are not American natives, they are both from abroad. Gabriele Falanga is originally from Italy and has been playing music since he was 10 years old, similar to his counterpart Omri Malka who also started playing piano from a young age. Together they form to make The Kimonos. What an immersive sound they are capable of producing. We are definitely keeping an eye on these guys. You can listen to their songs from their new EP Ready When You Are on all three of these platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

To check out their new song ‘Ready When You Are’ click here: