Apple to Delay the Release of iPad OS 16 until October

Apple is planning to delay the release of the next generation of iPadOS for some time, the new report says. Apple launched iPadOS and diverges its tablet and iOS mobile operating systems and updates, for both have been released simultaneously. However, according to a report by GSM Arena, all this might change in a month.

Apple plans to delay the launch of iPadOS by around a month compared to iOS 16, as per the report. A new iOS update is customary and would happen in September, but iPadOS 16 would not debut until October.

The feature added, the Stage Manager multitasking, in iPadOS 16 has been consuming more time to implement than expected. It’ll be added in the new update. During the proceeding beta testing phase of the new program for glitches and obscurity, the Stage Manager has received criticism from many developers. Also, it has not worked with most of the iPads presently available in the market.

The postponed launch of iPadOS 16 will probably make its release closer to October. According to various reports and rumours, it would have a quicker entry-level iPad with a USB-C connector and an iPad Pro with the M2 processor. Apple has already highlighted numerous features intended for iPadOS 16, and iOS 16 would not be available in their previous versions.

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