Anna Parkman’s Apocalyptin Is The First Book Of Its Kind Exploring Fairy Tale Therapy To Be Published

Soon-to-be released this month is the highly anticipated debut book by author and life coach Anna Parkman.

Anna Parkman is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Life in Russia was not easy for her as a young girl. She grew up with divorced parents and coping with mother and daughter relationship conflicts, she was mistreated and experienced many challenges at a young age. One of the ways she escaped was through books and her study of psychology. She would read multiple books on psychology and human development.

Today Anna now resides in Miami and is a Certified Life Coach thanks to the certificates she gained through the Health Coach Institute and Robbins-Maddans. Anna is a Master of NLP and graduating student of Psychology in Moscow.

Her book Apocalyptin is the first unique Fairy Tale Therapy book to be published for the first time. Before her book, there had not been one like it that explored this type of therapy. In Apocalyptin, Anna explains how the resistance to working through the patterns of behavior humans have in their thoughts is called homeostasis. Fairy Tale Therapy can be explained as a story telling method, which is a powerful tool to bypass this homeostasis as a resistance of both the brain and the body. In biology and anatomy homeostasis is the body’s ability to restore lost balance with the help of a self-regulatory system, while maintaining relative constancy.

Anna explains how “This is a powerful mechanism, which is why it’s so hard to break a habit to be yourself”.

The uniqueness of Anna’s book is that the story covers the most common traumas experienced during childhood. The basis for this story is based upon her own personal trauma as well as her professional experience. Anna has carried out and applied her study of a collection of statistics she recorded from a selection of her childhood trauma clients.

Anna explains that “The way the story is written, I hope it can help the maximum number of people possible”.

The book states that “99% of the Earth’s population is traumatized”. It explains how we are all traumatized in one way or another, because childhood trauma is formed not only as a result of offending events that the child has experienced, but also as a result of adult overprotection. Apocalyptin outlines how trauma occurs as a result of not meeting the basic needs of the child and that therefore a protective mechanism for traumatic events is the formation of mental traps or as the book calls it, lifelocks.

The key to mental health and, as a result, a happy life, according to Parkman’s book is the study of the mechanism of trauma formation, those lifelocks. She states in her book that “Working through these patterns of behavior and thinking what exactly is it that leads these experiences to make us unhappy”. It all comes back to homeostasis, as our resistance to changes is due to the natural biological mechanism of survival (homeostasis).

Anna explains in her book in relation to Fairy Tale Therapy, that this therapy has its own criteria and rules. The rules by which story must be made. It generally cannot be entered into any literary genre, since it is psychotherapeutic and is aimed at working with the subconscious. As she puts it “The therapeutic fairy tale literally uplifts the familiar system and familiar patterns as the fairy tale plot loads new patterns without encountering the resistance of the body and brain”. She continues “This is the great strength of this method of psychological therapy”.

It is evident that through her study and exploration of Fairy Tale Therapy, Parkman is a unique author and specialist. She explains how “The average psychologist tends to specialize in one single area of ​​psychology, with a maximum of 2-3 combinations, but this is very seldom especially in the USA where education costs crazy big money”. She continued “I am studying at the Academy of Psychology in Moscow (online) where almost all possible modalities of psychology are taught, so I have a unique opportunity to get a very wide and highly professional range of knowledge”.

Anna Parkman’s book is set to be released soon this month.