Anna Azerli: Knows The Art Of Music

Life shouldn’t be easy, everyone has had their share of struggles growing up.  Anna Azerli lost both her parents in her youth.  The loss of parents is unbearable, there is no cure for grief, especially when it comes to the deep loss of a parent.  All you can do is stay strong and continue your life with a motto that is gone but not forgotten.  Anna Azerli was born in Wellington, New Zealand, where her father was working at the time.  At age 2, her family returned to Berlin.  After her parents died, she was raised by her aunt.  At the age of 16, she moved to Milan, Italy, to live with her mother’s family and entered the music academy at the famous Alla Scala Theatre.  At the age of 19, she first appeared on the opera stage in Milan.  In a short time, she has made a worldwide career on the most famous opera stages in the world.  (She had a different stage name at the time) Due to the 2008 global economic crisis, opera houses were closed.  This was the time when Anna moved into pop music, at that time she was living in Italy, and began to explore different styles of genres until she found the one that suited her best.

Anna Azerli moved to California to improve her future.  Her first recording of a song in the United States of America was an experimental, lyrical pop showcasing her five octave range, for which she also has an official music video.  As for the second single, it was Anna’s first English-language project “Love for a Day”.

In 2020, Anna Azerli released the single “Finally“, in which she talks about self-love.  Anna talks about how she found herself and was finally able to be herself again after a disturbing love affair.  The line that grabbed the listener’s attention the most was “Finally I’m starting to see the real me, I’m starting to learn how to breathe, I’m starting to feel so free” when you think about how profound that is.  People want to be loved by someone so badly that they don’t even know what it’s like to be loved on their own.  This single is available for streaming on Spotify.

Anna Azerli’s new single “Come and Get It” is her strongest release.  Azerli’s music organically combines classics and experiments.  In this album, she managed to capture the true essence of the classics.  Each track is superbly sung and produced by Grammy-winning Hollywood producer Emil Gantus.  You can listen to her latest single here.  Anna also made a special appearance at the Big Stage Show and performed “come and get it”.  Everyone was amazed by her captivating game.  This is an important step in her musical career.  Anna’s “Come and Get It” is available for streaming on Spotify.

Anna Azerli also planned to have a permanent show in Las Vegas, but due to the Covid-19 situation, it was postponed until next year.  She started working on the show and is now in the early stages.  That’s all the details for now.  You can follow her on Instagram and check her website for more.