Anizzy has recently announced a new EP: “You.”

Anizzy has just announced a new EP named “You,” which features five songs that explore electronic sounds and pop-inspired hooks. This is a really spot-on introduction to the passion, artistry, and skills that make the artist so outstanding. It is a truly dynamic and spontaneous piece of music that captures the nuances of so many different creative influences. Anizzy’s sound is rooted within the melodic edge of R&B, but there is also a lot of room for expansion and other stylistic ideas.

Anizzy’s work stands in a league of its own, but it is also highly recommended to fans of artists such as The Weeknd, D’Angelo, and Miguel. “You” shows the world how committed Anizzy is to creating the best production value and the most striking dynamics in the R&B genre! This particular release is a huge milestone for the artist, and it marks an important step towards further solidifying his sound and vision. To put it differently, this new EP makes Anizzy stand out among many of the competition out there when it comes to upcoming music in this genre! The opener, “Give Me A Sign,” is a perfect mood-setter, but “Just Tell Me” is perhaps the most notable highlight, with its soothing tone and amazing melodies. The title track itself is awesome, and the songs “I Imagine” and “I Want More” are just as inspiring!

This EP from Anizzy is definitely a breath of much-needed fresh air, particularly in a genre such as electronic pop. Everyone is stuck in the same old cliches, and as a result, this particular music scene is becoming stale. However, every once in a while, something fantastic and full of heart comes up, just like the five songs on this EP.

Find out more about Anizzy, and listen to “You”. This release is available on some of the best digital streaming services.

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