Angelcreatives Unveils Their New Ringtone “Hello Anthem”

Each one of us should make the decision to live a healthy and fulfilling life!! Wellness is more than just being free of illness: it is a process of transformation and growth toward a mentally and physically healthy way of life. And that’s what Angelcreatives want to make people aware of at each step they take.

Angelcreatives has released “Hello Anthem,” also known as (Telehealth Anthem). It is an alert tone ringtone that allows people to access Telehealth from their phones at any time to achieve lifelong wellness. The ringtone is created to help people to have a higher quality of life and maintain optimal wellness.

About Angel Creative Solutions for Healthcare:

Founded in May 2016, Angel Creatives is an innovative Telehealth company and music creative located in Boston, MA. They joined the music scene in May 2016 after being inspired by Michael Jackson’s single “Heal the World” to create health-conscious songs. They got the inspiration to write catchy greeting songs that send a message of wellness to the world by Adele’s Grammy-winning single “Hello.” In July 2020, MTV premiered their hit songs “Hello Anthem” and “I’m Well.” ACS helps people have a wellness approach in every aspect of their lives and incorporate wellness into their daily lives to reach their full potential and live with passion and purpose.

The company offers Telehealth wellness products and solutions. Their most popular product is Hello Anthem (Telehealth Anthem), an alert tone ringtone to help people access Telehealth anytime from their phones to achieve lifelong wellness. The company provides several products and solutions to help brands advance in Telehealth, including TeleHosp, Telemedicino, Diabegram, and Slimpose. Their clientele includes corporate health, pharmaceutical, health plans, and telecommunication companies with upcoming or established Telehealth wellness brands.

“Hello Anthem” is now available on Apple Music and Spotify.