Andrés García López: an entrepreneur who seeks innovation in Marketing and Business

Andrés García López is an entrepreneur that gathers fascinating ideas on how to grow a business, and how the importance of creativity and innovation into the business in this digital era really is.

Andrés’ principal focus is set on the importance of how innovation in business is the best way to grow a business in these days.

Following that vision, he founded Emprender Hacks, a website where people who is interesting in business, marketing and investment can to learn the basics and advanced knowledge about these topics. Written by him is a great portal to improve the knowledge into the business and marketing in the digital era 

Moreover, Andrés hosts a three season-long podcast entitled “Emprender Hacks: the Podcast” where he launches a new episode every Tuesday, and it’s available on Spotify, iTunes, ivoox and YouTube.


The best way to do it is by thinking in new ways to improve the process of catching and building a long-term relationship with the clients. 

For that reason, Andrés founded a Marketing Agency that goes by the name of “Digistic Group”, that focuses on improving sales and growing clients’ brand, creating brand new methodologies and strategies on social media, inbound marketing, and content marketing. Additionally, Digistic supports the value of innovation as the best way to conquer new markets and joint them with the digital world.

Digistic Group provides creative solutions, and tech solutions for any business around the world. In addition to this, it develops brands and increases their clients’ revenues among the world.

Nowadays, Digistic is a LATAM-based agency, but its main focus is to grow among others territories such as the American Market. Finally, in his own words, Andres Garcia Lopez says: “Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship are a creative and innovative challenge that involves complex processes to improve the business. With artificial intelligence and new markets scenarios thinking in a different way, it has become a necessity for all businesses that want to grow and reach for success, they have to believe in innovative solutions.”

So, if you need a business consulting and marketing agency with enough experience, Digistic Group and Emprender Hacks are the best options.