An Ultimate Checklist to Planning A Hen Do


Planning a hen do is a lot of fun. You can do it with your closest friends, who will help you plan every detail and make sure everything goes as per plan. However, it can be quite stressful if you don’t know where to start planning or what things to consider while doing so. So today we have come up with this ultimate checklist that can help you organize the perfect hen party within your budget:

Organize Decorations

Decorations are all about making your hen unique and memorable, so think about what would make the day special. Is there a theme? Will you be celebrating in a specific place? Or are you planning to throw an all-inclusive party at home? The decorations should be by the theme of the party. For example, if you’re going to have a few drinks at home with friends, streamers and balloons will do just fine. If you’re planning a destination wedding then local touches in the decorations like this flowers in a hat box can help set the mood and make it feel like you’ve been transported away from all your troubles back home.

Discuss Entertainment

`What kind of entertainment do you want?` If you have a theme in mind, this is the time to discuss it. If not, ask your friends what they would like and get some ideas on a theme from there. Once you have decided on a theme or entertainment style, check out different options for the location that allow you to set up for hens night party like this hens night in Brisbane and start looking into different venues that may suit your requirements. Once you have booked the venue and know what type of entertainment is suitable for the location, then it’s time to pick up everything else.

Prepare Food and Drink

  • Decide on the menu.
  • Preparing food is an important part of any hen party. It’s also a good idea to get this one sorted out early, as it’ll give you plenty of time to buy ingredients, test recipes, and make sure everything’s delicious before your guests arrive. If you’ve got an adventurous cook in your group, then they should be able to take care of things themselves but if not (or they’re just too busy), consider hiring someone who can whip up delicious treats like burgers or lasagne.
  • Prepare drinks in advance like hire a slushie machine.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you live near any supermarkets or convenience stores that sell alcohol but if not, make sure there are enough bottles at hand so that everyone will have plenty to drink during their stay.

A hen party is the best way to kick off a girl’s marriage by throwing a crazy and funky celebration that would always be remembered by you and all your friends.

If you are planning a hen party and do not know where to start, then this article will be of great help. Here, we have made an ultimate checklist for planning a hen do so that you can have fun with your friends in the best possible way.

To begin with, it is important to understand what exactly is a hen party. A hen party is a celebration that is usually organized by the bride-to-be’s friends and family members as they throw a crazy and funky celebration that would always be remembered by them and all their friends as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting married or not; having fun with your friends can make any special occasion even more memorable than it already is. If ever there was an excuse for doing something crazy with your acquaintances or some lovely ladies from school days, now would be the best time!

We have come up with a checklist for the preparation of the hen party that you can use as a compass for your preparation.

We have come up with a checklist for the preparation of the hen party that you can use as a compass for your preparation.

  • Planning
  • Decorations
  • Entertainment

This may be something as simple as an impromptu dance routine down the aisle, or it could involve hiring dancers and/or a DJ to play upbeat music all night long. Whatever you choose, make sure that everyone is comfortable with what’s going to happen on the day; if there are any concerns, discuss them early so that there are no surprises!

Invite everyone you want to invite

Now that you know what kind of party you want to throw, it’s time to get started on the guest list.

The first step is making a list of people you want to invite. The most important thing here is to include people who are important to you and make sure that they can attend, whether they live locally or further away. For example, if your family comes from abroad then it might be best not to have them stay overnight at yours so that they can drive back home after the hen do ends (and vice versa).

You also need to think about whether each person has been invited for a specific reason. If someone falls into this category, don’t forget about them! This may be especially true if there are children involved because they will bring something special or crazy to your hen do which could make things more fun for everyone else too.

It is not necessary to invite all the people from your circle, but make sure you invite all those people who matter the most to you.

Don’t invite everyone in your life. Make sure you only invite those who matter the most to you, and those who have contributed in some way to your life.

If you are unsure of how many people should be invited, it is best to start with a number between 8-12 guests and then include more if necessary. If your guest list is over 14 people then consider hiring a venue with additional seating capabilities.

Planning a destination wedding? If yes, then decide on the location well in advance.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, then choosing the location is one of the most important decisions. You want to make sure that it’s easily accessible for all of your guests and close to where they live so they won’t have to spend a lot of money on travel costs.

  • Choose a location that is easy to get to. Consider how far your guests will have to travel and how much time they’ll spend in transit when traveling there, especially if they’re flying. It may not make sense for them to fly halfway around the world when there are closer places that are just as nice but much less expensive!
  • Choose a location with good weather during your chosen dates—that way everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about being too hot or cold outside (or having their hair blowing in their face).
  • Consider whether any activities need additional equipment such as kayaking gear or snorkeling equipment; these things can be rented locally at reasonable rates but still cost more than buying them outright from an online store like [Amazon](

Do your research well before booking accommodation or flights.

You’ll want to do your research well before booking accommodation or flights. You can find out the best deals by looking at websites like Groupon and Living Social, which offer huge discounts on hotels and flights. Make sure that you book early so that you get the best price possible!

Doing research will also tell you about any hidden costs of staying in a certain area, like whether there are any extra charges for using amenities such as kitchens or Wi-Fi. It’s also a good idea to check what activities are available nearby, as this can help determine where it would be most convenient for everyone to stay based on their interests and hobbies. For example, if someone in your group loves tennis but isn’t much of an artist then perhaps somewhere with tennis courts nearby would be better than somewhere filled with museums?

Finally, make sure that each person has some form of transportation available (such as Uber) during their time away from home – especially if they won’t have access to taxis as part of their package deal (as many newlywed couples may do).

Don’t forget to include the food expense in your budget and plan accordingly.

It’s going to be hard to forget about food and drink when you’re surrounded by it all day, but don’t let the expense of your hen get away from you. You don’t want to spend the whole time starving while your friends are eating more than they need. Try not to have too many drinks at once, or else it will get messy – literally! This also means that if there is a particular type of alcohol that you enjoy drinking more than others (or if someone has an allergy), try not to spend too much time on those beverages either.

You might find that after doing this checklist (and using our other resources), planning a hen party will become easier than ever before!

It is important to send out invitations at least a week before to give time to everyone so they can get ready.

It is important to send out invitations at least a week before to give time to everyone so they can get ready. You can send the invitation by email, text, or post.

Plan in advance rather than waiting for the last moment when everything has gone haywire.

Planning a hen is no easy feat. It requires a lot of work and some serious dedication, but it’s worth it! Planning will help you to save money, as well as allow you time to think up fun things to do and save up for them. You can plan the hen do with your friends or just one other person if that’s easier for you. You could also invite your husband along and make sure he is involved in the planning process so that he feels included throughout the whole thing too! Or maybe just ask your mum if she has any ideas…if not then don’t worry; we’ve got plenty here at The Hen Directory!

Planning A Hen Do is a fun task, but it is also stressful if you don’t know how and where to start planning

Planning A Hen Do is a fun task, but it is also stressful if you don’t know how and where to start planning.

First of all, you need to know what the bride wants. If she has already told you what she would like then this should be easy. But if not then ask her nicely! Also, consider any special occasions that may have happened in the past year so as not to repeat them in your hen-do plans. You can find great inspiration online at sites like Pinterest – or create your board there with ideas from other people’s boards!

Next comes budgeting: How much money are we willing to spend? How many activities/days do we want in our itinerary? This can be hard if all these questions seem overwhelming but don’t fret! There are plenty of ways around this such as using coupons when booking travel so that all costs are covered by discounts rather than spending more money than necessary during their stay abroad (this applies especially when traveling overseas). On top of these savings, we also recommend checking out Groupon for additional deals; sometimes tickets will cost less than half price which makes them even more affordable for guests wanting something fun without paying too much upfront costs upfront expenses beforehand.”


We hope this article has helped you with your planning. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section below!