An Introduction To R&B Crooner, M.T.G.

If you can make it in Chicago, you can make it anywhere. A city with tough streets and much young talent, even though some voices still go unheard. Every blue moon there’s the one voice that ascends to the masses. Meet M.T.G.

Many have gotten to know the R&B singer as a potential heat seeker from the Midwest. After the big release of “Only Fans” in Time Square that caught the attention of tens of thousands of spectators. M.T.G. is on his way to make an impression on the R&B world.

Born Jeffery Walton, he grew up a quiet kid on the cities south side in the Englewood area. He made a name for himself as a songwriter and contributor on projects with local acts like Tink, GHerbo and BigDaddyDeja to name a few. After moving to Nashville, a random session at Warner Bros. Studios would connect him with longtime friends and mentors. The new city would soon embrace the then emcee and songwriter. The R&B artist recalls being in the studio in the early days with Young Dolph’s protégé and producer of the moment BandPlay.

Also referred to as “Movin Towards Greatnesshis name is a creative way to honor a deceased friend who made a positive impact on him back in Chicago. “Movin Towards Greatness to me is more than just taking my friend’s name. Growing up in the environment that we did, I needed something positive to claim for myself. It’s a reminder that there are people who deserved the world and weren’t fortunate enough to be here right now. While I’m still here, I want to take advantage and get more experiences.”

In the past year M.T.G. has earned his way onto the charts with one of his most recent projects titled “Only Fans.” In a world where most people prefer handouts, this record is not too be confused with the adult content app. Only Fans is about supporting those who have achieved their goals without the instant gratification of using their bodies. Especially “independent women” who prefer to get what they want on their own.

This is just the beginning.