Amir Dayan Accounting and Tax Services for Businesses

Starting a business takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. The risks associated with errors in tax accounting and mismanagement of the tax rate are too great to ignore. 

Unfortunately, most companies do not have the internal resources or expertise to meet the increased needs for accuracy and transparency with respect to the tax aspect of their reporting function. Tax personnel must contend with the increased importance placed on accuracy in tax accounting in an environment of increasingly tight deadlines. To further complicate the situation, internal tax resources, which are already overwhelmed, must be prepared to face the tax consequences of the adoption of the new international financial reporting standards and the difficulties they may pose in terms of accounting.


Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין) offers a wide range of accounting and tax services for businesses including preparing your business income, calculating tax debts, payroll services. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive service possible. Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין) can advise you on a variety of issues such as the pros and cons of giving you a dividend rather than a salary, the most profitable period to acquire equipment and employees, or any other matter that could affect your tax situation of your business.

We treat our clients like family to meet their US and Canadian tax obligations to the authorities while allowing them to take maximum advantage of existing tax reductions and exemptions. Our corporate income tax return service ensures that your tax returns are prepared efficiently, accurately, and are submitted on time. We make every effort to ensure that your business financial statements are compiled on time. We can prepare your financial statements on a periodic basis so that you can assess the financial progress of your business and help you interpret the meaning of the numbers.


At Amir DayanTax Accountant Firm you get advice on how to optimize existing businesses and provide innovative solutions to problems that may arise in your business. As a Chartered Professional Accountant, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities and strategies that will allow you to reduce the taxes payable on your business by taking advantage of laws – new and current – governing corporate income tax. We assure you that an adequate tax plan is in place to help you maximize your profitability and grow your business.

The tax and accounting functions in Canada cannot afford the luxury of maintaining the status quo. Strenuous scrutiny by regulators and the implementation of numerous disclosure requirements have made tax accounting a key issue for many finance officials and uncovered significant challenges within tax departments and companies. In this context, it is more important than ever that companies improve their tax accounting function and ensure that it is integrated into their entire financial function.


Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין  ) has been a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for over 25 years and knows that effectively managing your tax accounting function is vital to the bottom line, shareholder value and reputation of your business. Mr. Dayan’s professional staff can help you with various aspects of your organization’s tax accounting function, from performing and checking calculations to overhauling your entire tax accounting function.

The Amir Dayan accounting firm has over 27 local and global offices that assist clients in structuring business revenue to lower taxes and prepare them for success.