Alternative Engagement Rings: Creative and Meaningful Ways to Say “I Do”

There are creative and meaningful ways to express your affection to someone. Some people are more expressive through their actions, some are more verbal, while others are not expressive at all. No matter how big or small your presence is or how expressive or inexpressive you are, the most important thing is you truly love the person and that special feeling that you have will never fade as days go by. This article is all about alternative engagement rings like Loose Princess Cut Diamond and Loose Round Cut Diamonds, as these rings can be a creative and meaningful way of saying “I do”.

Alternative Engagement Rings

Men are usually the ones who offer presents or gifts to women they loved. These are evident in the flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, and other special things they will give that have sentimental value. Other creative and meaningful ways of saying “I do” is manifested by how special and meaningful the engagement ring that you will give to your partner or special someone is. If you are looking for an engagement ring with brilliant diamonds to capture the heart of your lover, then you have different choices of engagement diamond rings at Rare Carat. You can also visit their website now at for you to modify and lessen your time of searching as you will have the option of choosing the kind of shape, color, clarity, carat, cut, and also the amount or price that you can afford to buy. The best thing about this diamond ring site is they offer free shipping, free returns, free sizing, and a price match guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now so you can have the perfect engagement ring like loose princess cut diamonds and loose round cut diamonds to offer and give to the person you love.

Rare Carat

The number 1 diamond ring seller online is “Rare”, wherein it displays the full details of the Rare Carat online. This website is the smarter way to buy diamonds as you can shop based on your preference like shopping diamonds online based on their types, shapes, ring styles, and other jewelry you want to have like earrings, pendants, bracelets, wedding rings, and necklaces. They always ensure protection to every customer like there’s a proper inspection of your diamonds before they will ship to assure their authenticity, free resizing, free insured shipping, and a lifetime warranty on the ring you purchased. So don’t waste your time searching for your perfect diamonds from other sites, always choose Rare Carat as they offer the best among the best diamonds in the world.

Loose Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are kinds of brilliant cut diamonds having modified shapes like rectangles or squares. These loose princess cut diamonds are special diamonds that have been cut and polished in which they are ready to be placed and sold into jewelry but have not been placed in a setting. These diamonds have differing numbers of facets set in a rectangular or square outline. While these diamonds may have various outlines and sizes, they have straight edges allowing for stones to be set next to each other easily having no spaces in between. This is people for those ring users who want jewelry having multiple brilliant stones. Prices of these princess cut diamonds at Rare Carat range from $350 to $4,000,000 with different cuts such as good, very good, excellent, and rare carat ideal. At Rare Carat, you can also choose the kind of clarity you want from SI2 to FL plus the presence of a carat in a diamond ring from 0.15 to 35.

Loose Round Cut Diamonds

If you are searching for classic and timeless diamond rings, then Rare Carat offers these round-cut diamonds. These loose rounds cut diamonds are being cut and polished having round shapes that are ready to be placed into jewelry. These round shapes are the most common and desired of all the shapes of diamond rings and have a few distinct advantages that are not present with other diamond ring shapes. In the diamond industry, these brilliant round-cut diamond shapes are its bread and butter as customers normally choose these kinds of diamonds. That’s why manufacturers will usually prefer to cut a rough type of stone into a round shape even if they may lose some carat weight. At, you will find the best round cut diamonds having various clarity and color. These can be more expensive compared to other shapes of diamond rings but if you offer and give this to someone, he or she will become happy and thankful for the rest of his/her life.