Alternative Band, Snowtown’s Latest Single, “Wake Up,” Is A Revitalizing Track

This March, Alternative band Snowtown released their newest single, ‘Wake Up’. The track is a perfect blend of beautiful electronic, pop-rock music along with intriguing lyricism. The soul-soothing and poignant voice of the vocalist will take you to a different world altogether. The track ends with a piano influence, making a profound impact on the listeners. Incredibly melodic, provocative, and immersive, the song focuses on mental health, especially depression and loneliness that people of any age group are struggling with.

Depression and other mental health-related issues are now new; however, they have become a rising concern for the past few decades. And the coronavirus pandemic took a toll on people’s mental health. Depressive thoughts, lowness, loneliness, unwanted thoughts, etc., have become new-normal now, which is not a good sign, of course. Snowtown has opened up about these concerning issues in their latest single, “Wake Up.”

Snowtown was inspired to produce this incandescent track to soothe those hearts and souls. They wanted to comfort the bruised hearts of people experiencing loneliness and depressive thoughts with their soul-soothing productions.

Speaking about the track, Band member Jesse said, “I want the listeners to know they’re not alone in feeling the way they feel. If you don’t want to wake up anymore. I understand. But you need to stick around. If not for the people you love, then stick around for me.” Through this immersive track, Snowtown wants to inspire listeners to keep moving forward.

This band manoeuvred through the industry with their fascinating musical representations. Their earlier albums include ‘Ghost’ and ‘Seeing Things’, which gathered many positive affirmations from the listeners. The band has also released many singles, among which ‘Wake Up’ is their newest addition. May this emotionally rich track help listeners to get over their struggles or at least to open up!

“Wake Up” is now available on Spotify and all the major platforms for a full listen. Also, you can follow the band on Instagram @snowtownband for more details on their upcoming projects.