Ali Ciwanro is one of the best songwriters of our time – Here’s why

Ali Ciwanro is a successful songwriter of the new generation. Already 16 times songs he wrote reached the gold status. 3 times they even went platinum. But what makes the young star who is just 20 years old one of the best songwriters of all time?

Ali does not put any pressure on himself when writing. He relaxes for a long time beforehand, orders something to eat, watches his favorite series and waits for inspiration. If it should take longer, he opens heavy readings to find new ideas.

He reads the books of the famous poet Goethe, whom he considers the most unparalleled lyricist of all time. Sometimes he also reads through novels or starts painting. There are no limits to his artistic vein.

Recently, however, he found inspiration in an unusual way. He opened the Torah and found himself reading Genesis and Leviticus. Ali is not religious, but believes that religion has a certain aesthetic. Judaism, in particular, gives him the certain inspiration he needs to incorporate comparisons with apocalyptic prophecies into his texts.

It is unusual to find stylistic devices for lyrical works in religious writings. Especially for the musical category to which Ali Ciwanro dedicates himself.

Ali is very educated, which can be seen quite clearly in his works. Everybody who knows him describes him as having above-average intelligence. But Ali himself says that his intelligence has often become a problem for him. People who have little knowledge are much happier, says the successful songwriter. The young artist thinks too much. Every little thing occupies him for hours and he goes through all possible scenarios in his head. This is both a blessing and a curse.

It is unbelievable in what quality and speed Ali Ciwanro writes his texts. Poetry is his passion and he loves writing lyrics more than anything else. Even the first texts he wrote at the age of 14 already have an incredible rhyme structure.

To get a better understanding of what a genius Ali Ciwanro is, you only have to look at what his last project was. Ali wrote 1000 bars about demons and ghosts. Everything rhymes perfectly and is written in an incredibly interesting style. It wasn’t even an assignment, he just wrote these 1000 bars out for himself.

It is precisely this unique approach, between genius and madness that makes Ali a pioneer in the songwriting industry.