alexis gabrielle Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

alexis gabrielle has never had an easy path in life. Growing up without much, she always looked at the bright side, supported her single mother. Gabrielle’s (actual last name has capitol letter G) father died when she was 11, breaking her heart at a young age. 

The tough beginning to her life has made alexis gabrielle strong. The creative has a unique way of relating to her listeners on a deeper level, wanting them to “feel exactly what (she) feel(s).” The singer’s beautiful voice and authentic lyrics have been listened by thousands of people across the world. alexis gabrielle’s track ‘unconditionally” has amassed over 75,000 streams to date. An impressive landmark for an independent artist.

Being so young, alexis gabrielle has a lot of potential as an artist. If she can continue to relate to others in her own way, the sky is the limit.

alexis gabrielle has plans to release new music soon. Stay tuned by clicking the links below. 
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