Alex Panza surprises everyone with his new song “Apverse”

For a long time, the music world has been in need of innovation. Finding fresh music and talent in this industry has been difficult. That was until Alex Panza surprised everyone. With his track “Apverse” he stunned the music industry. Alex became a worldwide music sensation and an instant hit.

Alex Panza has published a new EP which has three excellent tracks. One of the most well-known songs was “Apverse,” which may help to generate a calm mood. No matter where the listener is, the relaxing beats will lift their spirits.

If someone were to describe “Apverse” in two words, it would definitely be “an experience.” And that’s what it ultimately is. “Apverse” is a unique experience, one that must be experienced to be understood.

Alex Panza is now at the top of the charts in more than 24 different countries, his success is no coincidence, he released 3 singles that were a worldwide success in less than 2 weeks, the musicians of the 21st century are talented but also very good marketers.

This song was created in collaboration with Alex Panza’s previous record company, Uplink Records. Both sides worked hard to ensure that the song would be finished in time for the premiere and that it would gain tens of thousands of fans throughout the world. It’s fantastic to see that ambition come true.

Rumors have circulated that Alex would have been in feat in a track of SixNine that was never released, the artist has never expressed himself on this subject but the rumors let imagine a surprise album of Alex Panza.

The single “Apverse” is his second hit after his songs “Fire Moon”, “Ice Chain” and “Stuck in the loop” which were also well appreciated by his fans however.

Alex Panza is one of the artists who had one of the best start of the year 2021, alex is aware of this success, that’s why he released his first EP containing 4 musics.

Alex Panza keeps his face anonymous, which attracts media attention, He recently deleted all his photos from his Instagram account, maybe the announcement of his next album?

And for more from Alex Panza, follow him on Instagram at: @nza.alex (https://www.instagram.com/nza.alex/)

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