Alcohol Hero attempts to relieve your worries with his new single “Tension”

Alcohol Hero’s new single “Tension” has been performing well beyond everyone’s expectations. The song has a relaxing vibe to it, that makes the listener feel at peace. The party takes a turn for the better when this track comes on. The song has slowly become a fan favorite and is being played across the nation. 

“Tension” helps showcase the talents of Alcohol Hero in full force. The song combines a relaxing and soothing tune with chill and mellow beats accompanying it. The unique style of the song has made it very popular amongst the fans and has become a recurring track at parties all over Miami. 

Alcohol Hero’s stint in the music industry has been short-lived. But he has already left a mark in the form of “Tension”. The musical world will always remember him for his music. There can be no bigger achievement for an artist than being able to leave a mark in their fans’ minds. 

Check out “Tension” here for yourself to experience Alcohol Hero’s talents: 

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