AJ Lee’s Astonishing Body Transformation – From WWE Divas Champion to Muscular Inspiration

Former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, also known as AJ Mendez, has amazed fans with her remarkable body transformation. The multi-time champion, who had a successful stint in WWE for nearly six years, holding the Divas Championship three times, has undergone a tremendous physical change.

After leaving WWE and retiring from in-ring competition in April 2015, the 36-year-old AJ Lee ventured into other creative endeavours. She established herself as an author and screenwriter, utilizing her talent and passion for storytelling. Additionally, AJ Lee took on roles as an executive producer and colour commentator at Women of Wrestling, further showcasing her versatility in the entertainment industry.

In a recent Instagram post, AJ Lee unveiled her stunning body transformation, displaying a significantly more muscular physique compared to her days in WWE. In the post’s caption, the former Divas Champion revealed that she had been focusing on “bulking,” a term commonly used in fitness circles to describe a phase of intense muscle building.

Fans are naturally curious about whether AJ Lee will return to in-ring competition. Her last match occurred in March 2015 when she teamed up with Trinity Fatu (formerly Naomi) and Saraya (formerly Paige) to defeat The Bella Twins and Natalya on Monday Night RAW.

Addressing the possibility of a comeback, AJ Lee shared her thoughts during an interview with Renee Paquette on The Sessions in June 2022. While she emphasized the importance of never saying never, she humorously advised fans not to hold their breath, using the metaphor to highlight the unpredictability of life. AJ Lee expressed that the combination of wrestling and other creative aspects, such as writing and producing, excited her more than the idea of returning to in-ring competition. She felt satisfied with the timing of her retirement, stating that it is better to go out on top and leave a lasting impression rather than linger past one’s prime.

Recently, AJ Mendez, as she is known outside the wrestling ring, has been hitting the weights and focusing on building muscle. Alongside her husband CM Punk, she is set to appear in the new season of “Heels,” a television series on Starz that delves into the world of professional wrestling. The dedication she has shown in her fitness journey is evident in her latest Instagram post, where she shares insights into her approach to fitness and personal growth.

In her post, AJ Lee acknowledges her introverted nature and how writing on social media can sometimes feel overwhelming for her. However, she takes the opportunity to answer fans’ questions and provide some insights into her fitness journey. AJ Lee mentions that she began upping her fitness game while shooting “Women of Wrestling” and “Heels” and maintained her dedication for a year. She developed her own fitness program, incorporated creatine, discovered high-intensity interval training (HIIT), adjusted her protein intake, and experimented with progressive overload. Importantly, she listened to her body’s needs, nourished it appropriately, and prioritized rest days to ensure the safety of her muscles. For AJ Lee, the key to consistency lies in finding a sustainable routine that suits her long-term goals.

While AJ Lee acknowledges that her experience is personal and not that of a medical professional, she encourages individuals to be kind to themselves, practice patience, and prioritize their physical and mental health. She debunks crash diets, zero-carb diets, and the notion of pushing through pain, instead promoting a positive and balanced approach to fitness. Her message resonates with the belief that exercise should enhance overall well-being, strength, and confidence, rather than being driven by punishment or restrictions.