A’izeen’s next career move

The music artists of the new era are venturing out of their music career and getting involved in some other businesses or companies. After the pandemic, when concerts turned virtual, meet and greets turned online, and touring of artists doing concerts stopped, musicians also started thinking about the concept of stability in these difficult times. This has gotten many music artists to venture into other businesses such as fashion, cosmetics, food and drinks, and so on.

There are many such examples in the music industry including Rihanna who started her beauty brand named “Fenty Beauty”, Hayley William owns a hair dye company “Good Dye Young”, andPost Malone is an entrepreneur in the wine business as he created his own rose wine. These people have been successful in their businesses because of the uniqueness and the advantage of their fandom.

There is a multitalented music artist A’izeen in the Hollywood music industry who is not just a music artist but also a fashion model and a stylist. A’izeendropped her album in September 2020 after taking a break from her music career and after that, she started her own luxury clothing line. This brand claims to provide luxury clothes with the motto “for the luxury in you”,which has both the vintage and modern style that suits perfectly with the current times as many vintage fashion styles are making their way back in today’s fashion world. According to the designer, who is A’izeen herself, says that the want of luxury is within every person and they deserve to satisfy this want. This is the reason why she created this brand which provides luxury at affordable prices. The collection is available on the online website at A’izeen’s luxury consignment shop. 

This clothing brand “A’izeen” gained popularity and people are loving the concept of vintage and modern fusion. A few of her collections are named “where fire meets the flesh”, “black is the new black”, “color pop”, “a method to my metallic”, and many more. These collections have been a success among the people and her fans.  

In addition to her music career and clothing brand, there are rumors that A’izeen is planning to start her cosmetic line. The rumors also have it that the production has started and soon it will be revealed by the artist, however, the news is not confirmed yet. As her clothing line was a success so, we can assume that the artist is planning to find what is next in her career and that could be a beauty line. Whether it is going to be a cosmetic/beauty line, skin-care line, or something else, her fans are patiently waiting for her to reveal what is she is planning for her fans because they are sure A’izeen is not going to compromise on providing quality and luxury products. This wait might be over very soon but, only time can tell as A’izeen has revealed no information about this on social media. 

Jonathan Matis

Jonathan is a writer and editor. He has a degree in Journalism and Master's in International Relations. He has a focus on British, American, Indian and African politics but has more recently found a soft spot for celebrity news. In his spare time, Jonathan loves reading/listening to crime novels/podcasts.

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