Afraid of surgery to correct your nose? Here’s the answer

With over 3.5 million followers on Instagram, Simon Ourian, MD has become a go to cosmetic dermatologist for many famous clients. He specializes in performing non-surgical nose jobs, Ourian has been in practice for years. Being the Epione clinic founder in Beverly Hills, California, Simon Ourian has performed many different nose jobs including Kylie Jenner’s pout. 

Unlike most doctors, Dr. Ourian went against the grain and used what he calls the micro-droplet technique instead of the commonly chosen threading technique for Kyle’s operation. This process “requires a very tiny needle, and I put the product right where I want it to be,” he said. “This gives a more predictable and natural result.”

This procedure can be seen countless times on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” where Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, and Kris have all been filmed receiving Dr. Ourian’s signature non-surgical aesthetic treatments in Epione’s pristinely painted rooms. Epione has fascinated the ever growing LA population, being so unique among the area. The building has a certain casualness and comfort with which famous families walk in do be given facial care.

Today, fixing botched nose jobs and the spa-like establishments in which they’re administered are far more commonplace than they were when Ourian began making appearances on reality TV shows. One might say he was a pioneer in normalizing these procedures, which he often films in graphic detail and posts to Instagram. He quickly has garnered one of the largest followings on the platform compared to anyone else in the medical field. While his accounts numbers are can be partly contributed to his celebrity clientele, his account is also almost educational in nature. Ourian says many of his followers are other doctors.

“A non-surgical nose job involves a series of dermal filler injections to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose,” Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills tells About Insider. “The goal is not to craft the perfect nose, but to shape a nose that perfectly suits the patient’s face.” The cosmetic dermatologist explains that the non-surgical nose job is meant to correct the balance between the nose, chin, and neck proportions.

Patients who want a nose job’s effects without the potential risks and recovery time of a regular surgical rhinoplasty may opt for this non-surgical alternative. A surgical rhinoplasty requires the patient to undergo general anesthesia, with all its attendant risks and potential side effects,” explains Ourian. The non-surgical nose job is done using a local anesthetic, making the process just about painless. The recovery time of the non-surgical procedure can be counted in days, making the recovery much quicker than a surgical procedure.