Advance The World Through Leadership by Tyler King

In this world, there are many people who are not only thinking just about themselves but doing extraordinary things for the greater good. What is the greater good? When you do something for others without concerning yourself, you become a member of the club called “greater good leaders.” One of these members includes an amazing person called Tyler King. His motto is simple: to change the world in a positive way.


Tyler King, who was born and reared in Dallas, Texas, is one of the USA’s most renowned entrepreneur, business counselor, photographers, and philanthropists. He has dedicated his life to the innovation and advancements in the world by implementing his client’s brilliant ideas. For this, Tyler King is currently running the Assuras Company as CEO, an international consulting portal where he works as a business consultant leader. Besides this, he owns an agency the 501(c3) nonprofit entitled “A Voice From Prison,” which specifically works for the rectification of criminal justice and basic protections. Tyler King expertly manages both enterprises in order to deliver amazing services for the welfare of the world.

Tyler King and His Extraordinary Services

Tyler King is a versatile personality possessing exceptional traits in each field he works. Whether it is leadership, business analysis, or humanitarian work, Tyler is winning hearts all over the world. Let us discuss his major roles.

As an Entrepreneur

Tyler was always passionate about the business world. He practiced its charms and got more passionate when he stepped into it. Tyler was a smart person from the beginning. So when he showed his own charms to this world, it gave back a lot of magic to Tyler in the form of experience, success, and fame. In a short time, he earned a great name among the top leaders in the world. Nowadays, he is the CEO of Assuras (a business analysis company), Images by Tyler King (a photography brand), and “A Voice from Prison” (a philanthropic campaign).” Images by Tyler King” is an online portal where Tyler shares his passion and skills as a photographer. Only a few know that, besides having a passion for business, Tyler also has a fondness for photography and flying helicopters.

As a Counselor

After gaining years of experience in the business world, Tyler decided to give back to society and the industry. For this purpose, Tyler founded a business analysis agency, Assuras. Assuras offers the most cutting edge techs of problem-solving for the industry’s workers with the assistance of an expert team based in various fields such as healthcare, technology, telecommunications, education, insurance, defense, and government services, media, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, and aerospace to make a history of successful results.

Their primary goal is to provide dazzling innovations to the world in response to the needs of their customers. It has assisted several national and international business owners with their businesses. The company provides facilities like corporate strategy, business finances, quality enhancement, product customization, project management, promotion, sales, maneuverable management, lean manufacturing, globalization, business intelligence, workplace industrialization, relationship management, operational excellence, and design.

The firm is more than just a collection of facilities serving a variety of sectors. It has been able to achieve 100 percent results for the clients it serves by introducing innovative improvements to the business.

As a Philanthropist

Some years ago, Tyler was accused and jailed because he taught computer skills to someone who then used that knowledge to hack into her employer’s email. The hacking was carried out in order to discover more about the individual’s previous sexual assault allegation. The whole crime wrapped Tyler too in the criminal situation on the basis of a misunderstanding as he was the one who taught the criminal skills. Tyler rejected the plea deal provided by US prosecutors and elected to go to trial on his own, claiming that an injustice had been served. The conclusion, however, was not in his favor, and he was sentenced to six and a half years in jail. Although the person who perpetrated the offense received no punishment at all.

As a result of this incident, Tyler King became an activist for constitutional rights and judicial reform. He opted to transform all of his losses during the terrific period, such as reputation, time, and money, into potential and began campaigning for change. Tyler established “A Voice From Prison,” in which he detailed his negative experiences with the judicial system.

As a Motivator

Tyler King is the greatest motivator and influencer who can bring change to the world by changing the minds of people in the right direction. His words, as well as his actions in the past and present, make him an ideal for people. Despite going through a lot, he never quit. He strongly believes that downfall is just a small phase of life to test your abilities. Once you pass it, you will become closer to success. Today, he has proved to the world that he was right.

He is now on a journey to help people get to their success by choosing the same never-quitting path. Through Assuras, he is willing to bring innovations to the world. He is trying to help his clients achieve their dreams. What is in it for him? The greater good.

How can you be a part?

Got a mind-blowing idea for your industry that could be revolutionary? Bringing advancement to the industry or world is the most exciting thing. If you have a brilliant idea that you think can bring positive innovation in any way, you should not waste any more time. Join Tyler King and his team. They are here to help you act on that idea without wasting any time. You can contact his agency through their official company website: