Adil Mataich the new Luka Modrić a talented Midfielder

Adil Mataich’s skill in football was acknowledged when he was only a teen with many promising football clubs such Olympique de Marseille and PSV showing interest in him. Adil Mataich comes from a family of talented football players as his brother also makes an excellent defender. The young brother once said “ we motivate each other to bring the best out of both of us”. 

He was born in the Netherlands and started his football journey when he was only 6 years old. His natural ability to move with the ball was remarkable at such a young age. He soon after started playing in excelsior and proceeded to grow his skills and strengthen his qualities there. 

A quick midfielder with two feet so good that he occasionally struggles to choose which one to use for his fantastic set-piece deliveries. Adil Mataich has shown time and time again he possesses a high football IQ. His ability to read plays and execute the plays make him a respected opponent. 

Mataich is a left-footed Midfielder with outstanding dribbling ability as well as highly energetic and persistence who thrives both on and off the ball. The now 21-year-old has 8 goal involvements in 14 games including 12 assists. This left the football league astonished. Everyone is waiting for Mataich’s next move. There is yet more to come from this outstanding talent.