Ace Pacific Founder Cory Chamberlain Showcases How PR Can Attract Investors to Struggling Start-Ups

In order to achieve success on a grand scale, entrepreneurs and inventors must first build equity to finance their ventures. A company or project that fails to generate the necessary capital during the critical start-up phase may simply become statistics of an idea that failed to generate capital. This is something that serial entrepreneur Cory Chamberlain has seen countless times. 

He aims to educate his audience and provide them with information and assistance in many different ways as he shares the knowledge he has acquired in this topic area. As part of his broader professional network, he is co-founder FatCat PR and the founder of Ace Pacific a digital media consultancy focused on establishing digital authority in both US and international markets. 

In an interview, he said: “I have found that most startups looking for investors have a fundamental misconception about how to generate authority. Social proof is the currency the investors buy into before investing their own money”.

 Developing authority through digital media has a lasting effect on investors, especially and is a blueprint for all rounds of initial funding. Many investors prefer to see that a project’s digital exposure is actual and verifiable, and that someone else is vetting the new start-up, based on his extensive experience.

He added, “There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, from having an internal publicist who creates interesting and engaging press releases to specific media plugs with connections to journalists and editors who can pitch your story to placement.”

But ultimately, what having a great digital authority does is to create a significant ROI with investors who are serious about investing. They start by reviewing the Google Search index for the company seeking capital. If the search index is clear of any press, then that may be a clear indication that the company may need to consider building up its social proof.  He commented, “ Capital-seeking businesses without press are like empty glasses; it’s easier for investors to pour their investments into a half-full glass”.

As publications become searchable, they can be used for retargeting strategies using social media, sales navigator campaigns through LinkedIn, or for sponsored promotions across social media platforms. Start-up investor sites such as NetCapital are also great resources for equity crowdfunding companies.

PR can yield consistent results, but only when you know how to crack the code. It is important to identify publications that are appropriate for Digital Advertising. These publications must have high domain scores, company names in headlines, ranking keywords in anchor text, and do-follow links.  

During the entire process, data and analytics are heavily relied upon to give you a pulse of the campaign throughout the entire process, which is why this process has been so successful. It is possible to keep track of a startup’s progress from the time it was contacted until it finally received funding at the end of the process. It is encouraging to see startups operating at this level of transparency.

Ace Pacific and FatCat PR work with venture capitalists and startup companies, and Cory Chamberlain is a leading PR expert. Innumerable people have benefitted from his unmatched expertise in the industry to scale their success and achieve their business dreams.

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