About Avi Vagdany and sourcing and acquiring real estate assets in London

The property market has been more exuberant than ever before as new willing home buyers continue to keep their demand following the coronavirus pandemic.

International businessman and real estate developer, Avi Vagdany is looking to make a grand debut in London’s central area, focusing on high value, large scale residential buildings and properties.

Avi Vagdany oversees business activities of his own and other large scale property development companies, focusing on new business development and investor relations. He specialises in structuring acquisitions and disposals of both commercial and residential real estate across the world, while also leading strategic negotiations with key tenants across the portfolios.

Inspired and motivated by his holdings in Israel and with more than 25 years of expertise in the industry, Avi Vagdany is eyeing to give his portfolio an upgrade, as he believes London and its central area is the future of the real estate development market. In 2022 he has already established numerous impressive property development projects in London’s key and most sought out areas, with vast collection of residential buildings.

We can see the obvious demand for London’s property development market everywhere, with large scale organizations such as Transport for London (TfL), who have started a search for a new joint venture partner to create a portfolio of three new commercial office developments at Bank, Paddington and Southwark. Perhaps the current general consensus that London’s property market is slowing is somewhat correct, however it can be seen upon a little closer examination that the demand remains stronger than ever.

Diving deep into different industries including gaming and technology, Mr. Vagdany’s property portfolio still remains the core basis of income, thanks to which he is able to build his entrepreneurial ventures into such different markets. Gaming and technology, especially when combined have generated immense buzz since the start of the pandemic and it has become one of the hottest destinations for investors and entrepreneurs from different industries such as Mr. Vagdany himself, becoming a very sought out investment opportunity for willing businessmen.

Kenneth Bailey

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