Abdellah Zejli Releases ‘Sweet Shots’

Internationally known hip hop artist Abdellah Zejli made his return to the spotlight with a new package of 3 singles titled ‘Shots Fired’. The EP comes as a follow up to a chain of singles released earlier this year. 

The final track on the project, titled ‘Sweet Shots’, features more interesting songwriting from Zejli. The artist delivers his unique flow over a melodic pad based instrumental, offering up lyrics about how good life has been. The track’s main highlight is a catchy chorus which drives the song forward from start to finish. 

The artist claimed that we haven’t seen anything yet and that he has been working on new music for the new year. While no formal announcement has been made, we can assume Zejli has been working on his debut album.

You can listen to Abdellah Zejli here:

You can follow Abdellah Zejli here: @abdellahzejli