A Startup Allows You To Collect Incomplete Form Submission

Have you ever thought about how many website visitors start to fill out a contact form on your website, but close the page and not clicking the “Submit” button? Do you know how many potential buyers you could be losing? Did you try to figure out why visitors start to fill out the checkout form, but close the page and leave?

The company SafetyBis, with technical support from New Jersey-based company Artezio, developed a solution that allows webmasters and online store owners to acquire more customers with their website, improve conversions, and recover abandoned carts and abandoned form submissions. PentryForms.com – is a unique solution that allows merchants and businesses to conduct analytics on the efficacy of website forms(checkout forms, order forms, contact forms, e.t.c.), collect data from users who, changed their mind and left the website without hitting “Submit” button, bring back customers who, for some reason, went to your competitors.

This is a unique SAAS that companies and online store owners all over the world are in need of, especially in the face of reduced consumption of services or products as a result of the pandemic. We carefully analyzed profile statistics and discovered that businesses often lose potential customers at the order placement or application stage. A possible customer could get distracted, postpone their application, or leave the website for various reasons. Now any company can build an additional communication channel with potential buyers and contact them before they went to competitors.

Developers point out that this new tool also has an additional function that can automatically send emails and show analytics that can help improve user experience on the website. It allows not only to recover the lost leads but also to collect more information concerning customer behavior as well as fix your forms and pages in order to raise the quality of your corporate website.

About The Founder

Sergei Matusevich is the founder of PentryForms and brings with him over twenty years of experience in web development and over ten years of experience in web marketing. His areas of expertise include web development, python development, SEO, web Marketing. “The main idea of PentryForms is to allow any company to build an additional communication channel with people who were going to become a clients, but changed their mind, and significantly increase the efficacy of internet sales“, – said Sergey Matusevich, the CEO of SafetyBis.