A Record Breaking Year All About Custom with Philadelphia Wedding Planner Evelyn Denizard from Love & Laughter Weddings

If you haven’t heard by now, 2022 will have a record breaking amount of weddings; over 2.6 million weddings to be exact. That’s a lot of couples! And while many couples have known exactly what they want since they were 10 years old, many don’t have a clue on where to even begin in this behemoth of a to-do list. 

Accomplishing the perfect planning experience and wedding day is all about being organized, attention to detail, people skills and logistics. Able to do it all with humor and charm to keep you laughing while making you feel safe and secure is Philadelphia wedding planner, Evelyn Denizard from Love & Laughter Weddings. With over 600 events under her belt, Evelyn knows how to create weddings that are a perfect reflection of her couples and their love stories. 

“Planning should be a fun experience. It’s such an important moment in your life and it’s a milestone that should be truly enjoyed. That’s what I’m here for and what every wedding planner should be able to provide, a sense of calm and to alleviate the stress of it all, and to make all your worries disappear while delivering one of the most magical days of your life.”

Passionate about emotional connections and guest experience, Philadelphia’s most sought after after planner can take on the execution of any event, from intimate elopements and fun micro weddings, to full blown multi day wedding bonanzas. Love & Laughter Weddings is Philadelphia’s planner of choice for the fun and modern bride. Evelyn’s events perform the complete range from beachy and tropical to sleek and modern to edgy and moody to everything in between.. and the fact that she has a great sense of humor is an added bonus!

From consulting and creating a design to help you successfully manage your budget, to helping you manage that To-Do list (or completely managing it for you!), Evelyn combines attention to detail and an eye for beauty with sharp understanding of event logistics. Her ability to incorporate timeless traditions with modern ideas is what makes her and Love & Laughter Weddings the Award Winning Wedding Planning Firm, best known for creating unforgettable intricate gatherings that feel like effortless family affairs. 

“I love incorporating my couples personality in every corner of the event. From big insta worthy areas throughout the venue, to the small details like signage, menus, and live interactive experiences.. it comes to me in a vision really. I get to learn about my couple and their story and what makes them them, and I bring it to life. It’s really special seeing their faces in the room reveal. Happy love stories is what I live for. That and coffee, I really LOVE coffee.”

Evelyn Denizard and Love & Laughter Weddings are producing events based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but their services cover New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Florida. The team is available for Destination Weddings, but make sure to reach out as soon as possible because their schedules are booking fast as far as the eye can see. For more information on their services and availability contact the team on their website www.loveandlaughterweddings.com or email them directly at info@loveandlaughterweddings.com 

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