A League of Legends streamer managed to discover the secret of mmr on Twitch

League of Legends, this game that has sunk many of us is still talking about him! Dominating on the E-sport scale, this competitive game developed by the company Riot Games attracts many players: more than 600 million since 2011, a record in the world of gaming.

To give you an idea, League of Legends has a player record of 180 million active users, compared to steam which “only” recorded around 120 million last year.

Many streamers have streamed in this game, so much so that the game has been breaking records for many years on Twitch, the first streaming platform.

You will not have understood, the very principle of League of Legends is the competition in PvP which means Player against Player, whether oar amateurs or professional.

In addition to attracting a huge community around the game, League of Legends unfortunately attracts players with abusive behavior which is characterized by several things such as its “toxicity”. or inappropriate in-game behavior such as disconnecting during a game.

But some go further like cheaters, who will use many techniques to boost their level in game.

To do this there are multitudes of methods such as using software to see the range of an attack from an enemy turret, etc. or see the spell use time of your enemies.

Despite this, League of Legends has always been able to count on its community and its developers, who are particularly active in countering this kind of abusive behaviour, players caught in the bag in general. punished with permanent banishment.

But recently we are witnessing a much more discreet cheating which consists in boosting his mmr. To give you a simple definition of mmr, it is an algorithm that will calculate your level of play personal this will allow you not to fall against stronger than you during games, if you know more about it I advise you MY MMR which is an educational site and allows you to know pretty much your in-game mmr.

This technique consists of never losing points on his mmr in play, the player therefore finds himself in a level category that absolutely does not correspond to him during his next games, this will allow him to climb very quickly in points thereafter and quickly climb the ranks in ranked until he possibly obtains the Master rank.

Master rank which differentiates lambda players from professional players, which as you guessed could cause a lot of problems, if a low level player finds himself in this step, it risks tarnishing the image of e-sport. If we were able to learn more about this subject, it is a shame for the streamer “THEBAUSFFS” to wish to reveal to his community the aims of his practices. in order to educate players and help Riot Games counter this kind of practice. However, in no case THEBAUSFFS pushes its community to use this kind of technique, on the contrary it specifies that players can receive lifetime bans and that this is contradictory to the spirit of e-sport.

Moreover, be aware that Riot Games is particularly active in this kind of practice and that its algorithm for detecting this kind of player is very advanced and league of legends is renowned for not giving them a gift.