A Creative Sound: The Unique Style of Musical Artist Kaile Goh

Finding a sound that stands out yet still captures the heart of an artist is the process any singer-songwriter like Los Angeles based Kaile Goh faces in their career. It is this phenomenon that connects to fans and translates to the heart of the artist. Kaile Goh has spent years developing her signature style that she describes as sad, complicated, and personal. She spoke about this in an interview saying, “I like to have a mix of pop, rock and alternative when creating new songs, that hopefully you wake up singing to yourself. The music is really energetic and catchy, but it still has a degree of danger.”

It is these intangibles that have progressed Kaile to the point she is in her career. Currently working on a follow up to her debut album, she is searching for a producer to bring her writings to life and the right time to bring her latest inspiration to audiences. Through this process, she is pushing the collection of releases she had this year which discuss many of her thoughts on the industry and her journey in it.  

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