A Comprehensive Guide to VoIP Phone Features and Capabilities

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has been a productivity booster and cost-cutter for businesses for years. Also known as cloud telephony, it requires a high-speed, reliable Internet connection and can be easily managed from any device, including smartphones. Avoid those nickel-and-dime minute charges by switching to a phone solution that gives you access to unlimited calls. You’ll also enjoy HD voice and music on hold, a feature that keeps waiting for callers satisfied.

Advanced Call Routing

This Business Phone Solutions Australia based company emphasizes that call routing is a sophisticated system designed to expertly direct incoming calls to specific agents or departments within your organization. It minimizes wait times, boosts customer satisfaction and empowers businesses to reach their full potential. Your cloud-based VoIP system analyses the incoming call data and chooses the best agent or department based on predefined calling rules. This could include the caller’s information through the auto-attendant menu, the time of their call or other criteria set by the admin. You can also use geographical call routing to forward calls outside business hours to employees in different locations and even time zones. This ensures your customers get the support they need without you having to hire additional staff or work overtime. It also means your employees can maintain a healthy work/life balance and reduce burnout. You can check out Ooma guide to VoIP phones. Ultimately, using this feature, you can guarantee that your customers will get their queries resolved during the first call.

Unlimited Calls

To streamline customer service calls and reduce long wait times, VoIP phones allow for strategically distributing inbound phone calls to specific departments and teams. This feature is a must-have for businesses that receive sizeable call volumes daily, as it helps reduce customer frustration and increase the overall efficiency of front-facing office staff. With unlimited calling, business VoIP customers can make calls to domestic and international destinations without paying extra fees or overages. Typically, providers offer unlimited calling plans in their basic pricing packages or include them in the enterprise-level plan features.

Local virtual numbers allow businesses to retain a corporate presence in their respective markets, giving consumers more confidence in the brand and encouraging them to contact it again. Most VoIP providers also offer IVR (interactive voice response) systems to provide customers with self-service options like bill pay and surveys. This can improve the overall customer experience and help to reduce call center costs.

Call Recording

Call recording is an essential feature for any business VoIP solution. It enables you to monitor agent performance, ensure compliance with regulations or guidelines, and provide valuable information for follow-up calls or customer disputes. Unlike traditional phone lines, which travel on dedicated telecom cables, VoIP is delivered in information packets on your computer network. Because of this, a Versadial recorder taps into your network lines at a hub or switch using a special mirror port (or SPAN). It can then detect compatible VoIP traffic as it travels by and capture it for archiving.


Voicemail is an effective means of sending short oral messages to people who have not been available over the phone. It is very similar to email communication but uses the phone instead of the Internet.

The way voicemail works is very simple. Each extension is linked to a voice mailbox, and when the person’s line is busy or rings with no answer, the caller will hear a message that will tell them to leave a message in the mailbox. Some systems also allow other options, such as paging or transferring to another extension or receptionist. Some business VoIP providers offer visual voicemail that converts a traditional voicemail into an audio file that can be downloaded to the recipient’s computer or mobile phone as an email attachment. This feature allows for more efficient follow-up and archival of voicemails. For more information, check out this guide from Pocket-lint. This feature can make your team more responsive, flexible and available to customers and prospects.