A Competitive Edge: The Rise Of Brandon E. Beal’s Financial Service Agency

In a cutthroat industry such as finance, the competitive spirit is not learned; it is innate. Brandon E. Beal has used his desire to win at all costs in each of his career pursuits. Much of his young life was spent working toward his dream of professional football, including playing college ball at Northern Illinois University. His childhood competing with brothers Bruce, Bradley (now NBA Superstar for the Washington Wizards), Byron, and Bryon allowed Brandon to cultivate and utilize his competitive side. Unfortunately, his pro career ended in a foot ligament tear and a two-year contract with Arena Football in Chicago. This was a tipping point. He had the choice to pivot or continue to pursue a dream that could no longer pay the bills. Eventually stumbling upon the world of Finance, was set to thrive even though he knew absolutely knowing to start. His work ethic, competitive drive, mindset, and time was all he needed.

Brandon states, “My competitive drive and innate nature tell me to win! Win at all costs. There are no tomorrows. There is no I will do it later.” This nature allowed him to find the financial services industry and to accept it as his calling. A total dedication to his work outweighed the fact that Brandon had no experience in finance and has since seen him rise to the top of the industry. He now is the proud CEO of Beal Financial Group, a close partner with the National Agents Alliance and Integrity Marketing Group. His company has brought him over six figures in earnings in a single month and relationships with billion-dollar businesses, yet Brandon’s unending drive keeps him seeking more. This is the key to his success; never settling. 

He closed an exclusive interview by revealing the warrior call behind entrepreneurship. He reinforced that “being an entrepreneur is not for whiners or complainers,” you will have to “get back up on that horse and ride it again and again and again.” Most success comes in the long run and is only seen in those who don’t quit. As Brandon puts it, “it is definitely not for the faint of heart.”

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