8 reasons you should choose a career in healthcare

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the plight of healthcare workers, especially nurses, was highlighted in the starkest of ways. The news was filled with numerous stories about how they were overworked, underpaid and at risk of contracting the illness. Many facilities lacked necessary equipment, exposing hospital workers to unsanitary working conditions, infection and sometimes death. Is a healthcare career something you should be considering? What can you get out of online ABSN programs such as nursing? 

Although it is true that healthcare workers experienced challenges during the pandemic, it remains one of the most rewarding careers for anyone who feels called to help others. If you are passionate about caring for the sick, dedicated, hard-working, friendly and attentive, a nursing career can be highly rewarding.

If you are having a hard time deciding what to study, consider the following benefits of joining the healthcare profession as a nurse.

Training is quick and affordable

For those who are looking for career training that will not take several years to complete, nursing is a perfect option. The online ABSN program, for example, takes less than 1.5 years to complete and requires only 56 credit hours. You can pace yourself because it is an online program, and it includes placements and residencies.

There is a strong job outlook

Since 2017, healthcare has been the largest source of new jobs for Americans. The Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts that there will be 2 million new jobs in the sector duringthe next decade. Althoughthis number takes into account a wide range of specialties in healthcare, nurses are expected to be among the beneficiaries. Aslong as you obtaincertification from a recognized institution, you will be able to secure a well-paying nursing job.

There are numerous specializations from which to choose

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a stepping stone if you’d like to specialize in a particular area. You may start as a regular nurse and then specialize as a cardiac nurse, nurse anesthetist, critical care nurse, family nurse practitioner or even a nurse educator or manager.

A look at the 7 most lucrative healthcare careers reveals that the demand for nurses in the U.S. is expected to grow to meet the needs of a growing and aging population.

You can enjoy career stability, good pay and benefits

One of the primary reasons people choose a career in nursing is that it pays well and is stable. The high demand for nursing professionals throughout the decades has ensured competitive remuneration. Nurses also get benefits to compensate for the long hours they spend in a fast-paced environment. In fact, this is also the case for other medical professions according to this dental expert that offers dental implants in New York.

Furthermore, maintaining a high standard of hygiene and patient care is essential in healthcare professions. For instance, dental professionals often rely on essential supplies like dentist bibs to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for their patients. You can find reliable options at My DDS Supply, contributing to the overall quality of care provided in the field.

It is stimulating work in a fast-paced environment

Many nurses report that there is never a slow day at work. If you are the type of person who enjoys being on the move, nursing will prove to be greatly rewarding. Whether you work in a small clinic, a nursing home or a large emergency room, there will always be patients, loved ones and others who need your help.

You can choose the right specialty and travel the world

With the right nursing qualifications, the world is your oyster. Nurses are in demand throughout the world, not just in America. You can get a job as a nurse in Europe, South America, Africa or Asia. You can also work for global organizations like MSF, the Red Cross and WHO. These jobs offer you a chance to travel, and they tend to pay very well. You may also enjoy additional benefits.

You’ll make an impact on your community

Many nurses go into the profession because they want to make a difference. As a nurse practitioner, you are part of a team that restores the sick to health and helps them get back on their feet. For many, that alone is so rewarding that it makes nursing their career of choice. If you are looking for a job that allows you to contribute to your community and make a positive change in people’s lives every day, nursing is an excellent option.

You can rise to a management position

You may not want to do hospital rounds for your entire career. With a few additional qualifications, such as healthcare management or IT, you can rise through the ranks and join management. Roles such as hospital chief executive officer, chief anesthetist, chief nurse practitioner, chief nursing or clinical officer or even patient care director are a good way to move up the ladder.

The bottom line

It is hard to go wrong with a nursing career. It offers excellent job prospects, pays well and provides job satisfaction. Moreover, getting the right qualifications doesn’t take very long. An online ABSN, for example, allows you to complete your training, including placement and residencies, in less than two years. You can also use a degree in nursing as a stepping stone into senior management roles in healthcare.