8 Modern Living Room Design Trends You Need to Try This 2023

The kitchen may be the heart of your home, but the living room is an incredibly versatile and multifunctional space where relaxation, socialization, and entertainment often take place.  Since the living room serves different purposes, from family game days to cozy movie nights, you need to create an inviting, beautiful, and functional space.

With that in mind, we gathered some of the most popular living room design trends in 2023.

1. Say Goodbye to Traditional Layouts

This year, formulaic living room layouts, such as matching sofas with a pair of table lamps or a sofa with 2 matching swivels, will be a thing of the past. Living rooms with a formulaic arrangement would not be feeling exciting anymore in 2023.

Instead, interior designers recommend that homeowners choose furniture pieces and layouts that can make the living space unique. It could be an incredible leather-wrapped daybed or a distinctive chair that stands out in the living room.

2. Prioritize Living Room Lighting

To ensure that each area of your living room is perfectly illuminated, you must consider the lighting of your living room carefully.

A living room should not just have one “big light.” Instead, it should have several welcoming pools of light and a mix of practical task lighting and ambient, decorative lighting.

For a warm glow, layer lighting levels from a variety of sources, including table lamps on surfaces, floor lamps, and wall lights. You can also use accent lighting to draw attention to architectural details or focal points.

3. Install Hardwood Flooring

Installing hardwood flooring helps increase the charm and classic look of your home. Not only they are classy and timeless, but they also add character as they age. Its natural colours and beautiful wood plank marks and grains bring out the charming appeal of your hardwood flooring in your Whitby home.

4. Brightly Painted Woodwork

Use an accent colour that goes well with the overall theme of the room to make the woodwork stand out. Always follow the general rule that a room should have three primary colours. One for the ceiling and walls, one for more substantial items like a sofa, and one for the main accent colour in the details.

Choose brighter, more intense colours for the walls and ceiling to highlight the beauty of the architrave, skirting, and window frames.

5. Curves Everywhere

In 2023, curved accessories and pillows, as well as curved back sofas and barrel chairs, are making a comeback. Curved architecture, such as arched doorways and interior spaces, is becoming a popular trend this year. Expect to see plenty of curved furniture, like curved sofas, accent chairs and benches.

6. Modern Floating Stairs

While floating stairs have been a popular interior design trend with architects and designers, it remains a top trend for living rooms in 2023. It creates a magical atmosphere and captivates visual interests. Floating stairs in Toronto are ideal for those who prefer a more contemporary, minimalist design or for smaller rooms where you want light to flood through the living room.

7. Accent Pieces

Accent chairs with unexpected detailing and unexpected colour combinations in textiles have been predicted by interior designers to be a hit this year.

You can add touches of the accent material or colour of the chair to create a cohesive appearance throughout your home. It adds texture and visual interest to create a homey atmosphere.

8. Minimalistic Living Room Design

Today, most people are familiar with the idea of minimalist interior design. Similar to modern interior design, a minimalist interior design emphasizes simplicity and uncluttered space by utilizing only the essentials. It is distinguished by its simplicity, straight lines, and monochromatic colour scheme with accents of colour.

To keep your living room organized and spacious, you can rent a storage unit in North York to keep your extra, unused furniture safe and secured.