7 Things to Expect from Your Listing Agent by Joel Picolo

Are you going to sell or buy something for the first time? The more the real estate world expands, the more it gets complicated. Although many things have gotten simpler, there are still issues that, if not considered carefully, will give you the wrong consequences. One of the top issues is choosing the wrong listing agent. So how to find a good one? For this, we bring some useful tips from an experienced and successful real estate agent, Joel Picolo, who has dealt with hundreds of clients with impressive methods.

More about Joel Picolo

Growing up in New Orleans, Joel Picolo was raised by successful trade expert parents, allowing him to bloom and adopt impressive traits. Not only intellectually, but Joel also impressed everyone personality-wise. Since his childhood, he has possessed the ability to communicate and deal with people. Using those qualities, Joel decided to join the leading business world of real estate. In 2015, Joel received a marketing degree from Nicholls to maintain a high profile in the industry.

Before joining real estate as an agent, Joel Picolo opened his own firm, Everlast Marketing Group, which sold telecommunication products at retail. Due to its unbelievable rising value, in 2018, he closed the firm and became a professional real estate agent. The start was not impressive when Joel only earned 1.5 million, but he soon overcame the business with the help of his remarkable talents and has now earned more than 7.5 million.

According to Joel Picolo, one of the reasons for his incredible success rate is his dealings with clients, which he adopted with the aid of his father, who always told him: “Joel if you take care of your clients, they’ll take care of you.”

7 Things to Expect from Your Listing Agent by Joel Picolo

To not spoil but enhance the significance of the real estate business, Joel wants common people to know what to look forward to from their real estate agent. This way, you can handle your work more easily. It is also a fact that some people expect many inappropriate tasks from their agents. You do not confuse their actual duty. That is why Joel presents his words of wisdom with you.

  • Low Commissions

Be aware of agents that lower their commissions too quickly during listing talks. It’s a dead giveaway that they won’t bargain for you when the time comes.

  • Honesty

Everyone believes that their home is the greatest on the block. It most likely is, but an experienced agent understands how to improve it. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to take notes.

  • Before Improving, Inquire

If you watch HGTV, you may assume you know what buyers want, but unless you deal with 50 purchasers a year, consult with an experienced Realtor about how you may improve your home. The majority of television programs are not available in your location.

  • Online Marketing

This is critical since house hunting is similar to online dating. People are seeking their ideal partner. Your Realtor should always use excellent images with the correct angles, highlight the greatest features of the property in the description, and promote it on all prominent sites.

  • Present during showings

If your Realtor or someone on their team is not there at each show, how can they explain why you fell in love with the property or any modifications you may have made? Most buyer’s agents are unskilled and do not know how to conduct a tour.

  • Attend the appraisal

You have no idea how many times I’ve had houses under contract for under appraisal because the agent was not theirs. Most appraisers will simply look at statistics, but there is more to it than that: the style of the property, recent modifications, and other bids you have received. 

  • Final Walkthrough

Nothing is worse than approaching the finish line and encountering a problem. Your Realtor should be there or, at the absolute least, phone the agent after the walkthrough to ensure that everything is satisfactory to the buyer.