7 Popular Side Jobs for Working Parents

When you get children, most things in your life change upside down. There are new beings that completely depend on you and it’s a lot to process from many different points. 

The financial aspect of family life is especially important in the modern world, as well. As your weekly shopping list increases, the payment you get for your regular job might not meet all your needs. 

Because of that, many working parents find additional hustles to make ends meet or to boost their family budgets. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the seven popular and lucrative jobs for parents. 

1. Translator/content writer

If you you’re well-educated in your native language or have broad knowledge of foreign languages, think about translating and content writing. 

There are many websites out therewhere you can offer your services and make some extra money. Start with Upwork and Toptal, but don’t hesitate to register on other freelance websites, as well. 

Such websites are recommended because both clients and workers give one another feedback. That way, every registered user builds their reputation and paves the way for the future. 

2. Online teacher

Closely related to the previous paragraph, online teaching services are becoming more and more popular on the Internet. 

Logically, English teachers are the most wanted language tutors, especially on the Asian market. So, native English speakers that can adapt their speaking and personal habits to different learners are highly likely to make fine earning on the Web.

Even if you’re not a native English speaker, don’t hesitate to apply to one of the platforms for online language teachers. The managers will test and grade your knowledge. 

Spanish speakers can land online teaching hustles relatively easy, as well. 

So, when your kids fall asleep in the evening, you can spend a few hours a week teaching languages on the Web and improve your home budget.

3. Dog walker/pet sitter

As more and more people have pets, there’s a growing need for pet sitters and care providers. 

In urban areas, dog walkers are among the most popular part-time jobs. For instance, dog walkers in New York charge from $20 onward per dog per hour. If you manage to join several dogs in the same walk, you could make up to $100 per hour. 

Also, busy people who spend long hours in the office need someone to feed their pets at home. This is also an interesting side job because you can adapt these hours to your daily schedule. 

4. Data entry operator

Every company has some mundane data-entry tasks. Some of them assign regular employees to handle them. Others hire freelancers and pay them hourly rates to complete those tasks. 

You should aim for the latter ones to make some extra money. The aforementioned Upwork and similar platforms are a good source of such gigs. 

In addition to these websites, search Reddit for data entry jobs, as well. 

The rates for such tasks vary. They start from $5 per hour and may go up to $20 or $30 if the task contains complicated data. 

Even though most data entry side jobs don’t require any special skills, clients might provide training to enter more complicated data into complex systems. Also, prepare to sign a non-disclosure agreement before working on such tasks. 

5. Truck dispatcher

Working as a truck dispatcher can bring another full salary into your home. It all depends on your skills, efficiency, and time management. 

Some European parents work night shifts for US clients as truck dispatchers as an addition to their daily jobs. 

They have this opportunity thanks to the time difference between Europe and the USA. 

Obviously, US-based parents can’t combine full shifts as truck dispatchers with their full-time jobs. However, they can spend a few hours before and after their regular jobs navigating truck drivers and providing logistic support. 

The rates are satisfactory, starting from $10, and going up to $25 per hour. 

6. Childcare professional

As more and more parents are working from home, there’s a growing need for childcare professionals. Even though this might sound contradictory, the fact is that such parents need someone to look after their kids while they’re handling their work tasks. 

In most cases, it means spending a few hours a day or several hours a week with those kids. 

While it’s a great chance for working mums to make some money on the side, remember that it’s a delicate job. So, it would be nice to contact several childcare agencies and choose one that meets your needs. As you join their team, they’ll find proper clients for you. Also, think about enrolling at one of certifies online nanny courses to get an adequate certificate and increase your chances of landing a side job as a childcare professional. 

7. Real estate agent

The job of a real estate agent comes in two different forms: you can work as a full-time real estate professional or a part-time property hustler. 

Depending on the hourly rates for this job in your region, you’ll choose the most suitable option. 

Our suggestion is to go for a start-time position for the beginning. When you finish with your regular job, go out there and showcase your selling skills. 

You’ll meet many interesting people as a real estate agent and these experiences could open room for new business opportunities. 

Perhaps you’ll soon realize that working as a full-time agent will ensure a higher salary than your current job. 

The seven side jobs presented in this article present interesting opportunities for parents to make some extra money. Do your homework and check which ones are most suitable for your current qualifications and skills. We wish you best of luck in landing lucrative side jobs that won’t take too much of your time.