6 Ways to Use Plastic for A Better Environmental Impact

We have created a world of plastic, and now it is essentially impossible for us to live without it. 

Many people have issues surrounding the use of plastic, but you can make sure you don’t contribute to the problem!

It’s not as easy as just giving up plastic entirely, and it really must be noted that SOME plastic is not only useful but actually quite necessary.

The Importance of a Transition From Plastic to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The problem we have is with “pointless plastic,” that type of plastic that is three layers deep in your Amazon delivery, or that molded plastic holder for your bamboo toothbrush that sits inside the cardboard box it came in.

In a word: frustrating.

Here are a few ways you can use plastic responsibly and still get to keep your green credentials.

Use a reusable water bottle 

It’s important that we are aware of our use of items like plastic water bottles because not only are they excessive in terms of personal consumption, but they also fill landfills and can be found in the ocean in their millions. 

Buy yourself a sleek reusable water bottle and drink from that instead! This is also easy on your wallet too.

Repair things that are broken

This is a very modest suggestion, but it’s important to find alternative solutions for the most basic tasks we do every day. 

If something breaks, ask yourself whether you can fix it in some way before you throw it away and buy another.

You may need to be got get some specialist tools (hint: Hotairtools.com has lots of great options) but essentially, if you can repair something, you’re going to keep it out of the landfill and still in service.

Reuse your plastic shopping bags

If you don’t already have a system for this, it’s quite easy. 

Take bags you already own to the store and reuse them when packing or moving house. 

Reuse your plastic containers (for storage)

Maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle can be almost impossible if you have little to no access to stores that sell “green” products.

The answer to this is to reuse your plastic containers, and you’ll find that they’re the perfect size for this. 

That said, it’s a good idea to remove all labels so you don’t confuse which container is supposed to hold specific items. 

Let your plants grow in the plastic waste

Plants can handle all sorts of substances, and this is even more true with plastic. 

They don’t have to know what it’s made from or even care. The point of this is that you’ve simply got to let the plant grow!

Old plastic containers of all shapes and sizes make great pots for your plants!

Recycle used plastic bottles

Old single-use plastic bottles can be repurposed and recycled into all sorts of things. 

Particular favorites include an irrigation system for your plants or a very cheap DIY watering can.

Of course, you could just refill your bottle!