6 ways to love yourself right now by Aneela Agha

We often talk about spreading kindness and love in the world, but the question is – do we generate enough affection for ourselves?

These days, the concept of self love is an airy-fairy(unrealistic) concept. No one gives it the right amount of importance it needs. We desire to be perfect all the time and this feeling of ‘perfectionism’ only arrives when we accomplish something really special, whether it’s an achievement or an exquisite social media post.

When we are speaking about self love, it is very imaginable to picture a person who never procrastinates, wakes up early in the morning, has a prominent schedule for the day, listens to motivational podcasts and performs self care activities. Eventually, self love is more than that.

So, what is the profound definition of this peculiar concept of ‘self love’?

Self love is ‘love for self’. It is the feeling that makes you feel empowering within your own body and a psychological force that provides you with the ability of not being harsh on yourself even when the things are back-breaking.

And, if you are here reading this post, you are trying to find ways to practice the art of self love.

6 Ways To Love Yourself Right Now

1. Practice Self Compassion

Being lenient with yourself morally states that we are humans and we ‘mess’ up.

No one will ever be a ‘perfect’ citizen of the world. So, when we all are fallible and error-prone, instead of criticizing ourselves, we can be self soothing and kind to ourselves.

2. Find a Hobby

Find a hobby or any activity that distracts your mind from the negativity and brings out your inner creator. Taking out time to do self activities will contribute to the overall personality development and promotes eustress, or positive stress.

3. End Toxic Relationships

No matter how close we are with someone, if they make us feel consumed by a negative persona of ourselves, we should cut them off. Toxic relationships are majorly a reason for disrupted mental health among the people. Toxic relationships can harm our compassionate feelings and isolate us from the good relationships we have. Everyone deserves to feel appreciable and respected and necessary action should be taken to get the life back on a positive track.

4. Enhance Creativity

Creativity adds meaning to the lifestyle. Creativity gives a better perspective to our imagination and helps to develop our skill set. Creative journaling is one of the effective’s to bring out the artistic skills. When we dive into our creativity, we can experience the compassion and empowerment we have within ourselves.

5. Minimize Stress and Anxiety

Releasing negative cortisols in your body could be really detrimental for our health. It could paralyze our mental ability to function properly which can bring the issue of low self esteem. Reducing stress is vital for a healthy relationship with the brain and the body.

It’s not a popular way of reducing stress, but regularly visiting your doctors can actually be effective. According to this dentist who does quality dental implants in Farmington, when your physical health is in good condition, it can handle stress far more effectively. 

6. Cut down on Social Media

Social media is creating a feeling of incompetence and inferiority. Often, we compare ourselves to the filtered beauty standards of different social media platforms and that gives the rise to the feeling of ‘imperfection’. There are various ways to limit down the use of social media or take a break.