6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Buyer for Your Used or Junk RV

Private sales are a popular way to get rid of an old RV that is sitting around taking up space. Whether you are settling down or want to use the money for an upgrade, finding the right buyer for your used motorhome can be challenging. Here are six tips for finding the right buyer for your used RV.

1. Be Upfront and Honest

You know your old rig has issues. It is best to list known problems in the ad than to surprise someone when they come to see it. This way, you know the issues are not a problem for the buyer. This prevents wasting time and effort for both parties. Another thing that you can do is to get it repaired for any major issue from a rv repair shop and then show it to sellers.

2. Create a Good Ad

Creating a connection with the buyer in the ad can mean the difference between getting leads and waiting around for the phone to ring. Let people know why you are getting rid of it, and highlight its positive points. Telling personal stories can help make that connection.

3. Take Good Pictures

The quality and quantity of pictures is one of the most important factors in making a sale. Make sure they are well-photographed with proper lighting and focus. Try to show your rig in action with it set up and at a campsite. Show damage clearly, but don’t highlight it.

4. Use Proper Grammar

If your ad is filled with improper grammar and typos, the buyer might not trust you. Do not use all capitals, because it looks like you are yelling at people. Also, overusing slang can drive people away from your ad. Keep your text professional and crisp, and don’t forget to include a call to action that asks buyers to pick up the phone or come to see it.

5. List Negotiating Terms

When you create your ad, let people know things like the type of payment you require. If you don’t take personal checks, then say so in the ad. Also, let them know if your price is firm or negotiable. Let them know if you will take the best offer or need to sell quickly.

6. Provide Proof

Be willing to provide proof of a clean title, vehicle history report, and receipts for any repairs or service that has been performed. If you customized your rig and installed upgrades, be prepared to show receipts. Approaching the sale this way will go a long way in building trust.

Final Tips

The most important tips are to be specific in your ad and let people know the terms upfront. Here are a few final tips for finding the perfect buyer and making sure the transaction goes smoothly.

  • Ask for a deposit to hold the vehicle,
  • Consider a contract,
  • Make sure to clarify pick up and delivery terms,
  • Do not accept personal checks without verifying funds,
  • Plan to meet at a neutral location if possible.

Don’t Want to Do a Private Sale?

A private sale is an excellent way to get the best price for your RV, but finding the right buyer can be a hassle. You have to establish trust on both sides of the transaction. Another alternative to selling your junk RV to a private seller is to sell it to a company that purchases old RVs and sells them for parts.

Bottom Line

Selling your RV this way means you can complete the sale quickly and have cash on hand. This is an excellent option for RVs that are no longer running because many companies will pick them up. You do not have to screen potential buyers and worry about not getting paid. There is no waiting around for people to call or taking time out of your busy day to meet with people. Junk RV dealers are an excellent way to get cash in your pocket quickly without the hassle and risk of a private sale.