6 Projects Perfect for Summertime

Summer is here and that can only mean one thing – BBQs and backyard parties. However, after a long winter and cooler spring, our gardens can look like a jungle, which means it’s time to get outside and tackle some of those summer jobs. Whether you’ve got repairs to make or just want to spruce up your yard, summer is the perfect opportunity. Throughout this article, we will discuss 6 projects that are perfect for summertime.

Exterior Sprucing

Over the colder seasons, the outside of our homes is battered by adverse weather conditions, which can leave repairs in its wake. For example, heavy wind and rain can take a toll on your guttering, which means you’ll need to replace it. You can do this job yourself if you have the manpower and time, but we suggest calling in the St Louis gutter repair professionals, which leaves you free to tackle the other tasks on this list.

Backyard Change-Up

If we use a little imagination, we can transform our yards to let us get more usage out of them. For example, if you want to treat yourself to a staycation this summer, you can turn a corner of your garden into a “tropical escape” by installing a fire pit, hot tub, and cozy sitting area. As well as being the perfect romantic spot, your yard will be the envy of your friends and will be perfect for celebrating birthdays and other special occasions.

Gardening and Landscaping

Our gardens begin to look tired over the colder months, which means it’s time to combat the weeds and make a couple of changes. There are many different ways you can change your garden, including adding new flower beds, treating different areas, and adding water features. Deciding on how to design your garden can be challenging, so you can call out to a professional for support.

Pathway Care

Freezing temperatures, snow, and constant rainfall can damage walkways and drives, which can make your property look unsightly. Further, broken stones and warped bricks are an invitation for accidents. Therefore, you should invest time in taking care of your pathways, which will make your house more appealing.

Deck Installation

Summer is all about getting together with loved ones and enjoying the sun, which means you’ll need a dedicated seating area. Therefore, one of the most popular summertime projects is installing decking. There are many different types of decking available, which means you should be able to find an affordable option. Before long, you’ll have the perfect destination for lounging about and throwing BBQs.

Window Fitting

Over time, windows become old and tired, which can be a nightmare for energy bills during winter. Therefore, use the summer weather to replace your windows, which will save money later in the year.

Our homes take a beating during the winter, which leaves plenty of work to complete before we host the first BBQ of the year. If you’re stuck on where to start outdoors, you can use the list above for support.