6 Most Popular Barbecue Dishes In Brooklyn

If you happen to be in Brooklyn as a tourist or a new resident, it will do you some good to check out the barbecue restaurant scene there. From five-star restaurants to hole-in-the-wall eateries and even street-side vendors, the selection of venues and dishes to try is practically endless. The large variety may seem a little daunting, however, so we have compiled a list of the best dishes to try during your stay there.

1. Smoked Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is a classic American dish. It is made from a pork shoulder and smoked slowly over wood until the meat is tender enough to be pulled into strips, hence the name. It is then mixed with barbecue sauce and served as a sandwich, burger, baked beans, macaroni, and cheese. Cooking can take up to twelve hours, so it is better to have it in a restaurant than to cook it yourself.

2. Barbecue Half Chicken

Another American staple dish, barbecue chicken, is a must-have when dining out in Brooklyn. Simply put, it consists of a chicken cut in half lengthwise through the breast and the back. This produces two equal portions, which makes this an ideal meal for two. After seasoning, the chicken halves are put into a closed barbecue grill and cooked until they are ready. Depending on your choice, the pitmaster may add barbecue sauce to the chicken while it is still cooking to give it more flavor.

3. Brisket Burnt Ends

Burnt ends are made by trimming a brisket that is still smoking. The point cut of the brisket develops a rich and crunchy exterior as the meat cooks. The pitmaster cuts this exterior away from the rest of the meat and further cuts them into cubes that are easier to chew, adds sauce, and smokes them even further to produce their rich flavor. Originally a side product of smoked brisket sandwiches, burnt ends have risen in popularity as a main dish on their own.

4. Barbecue Spare Ribs

Spare ribs are made from the ends of baby back ribs and run along to the breast bone of the pig. Each rack of ribs contains around 11 to 13 bones and weighs one pound of meat, making one serving ideal to feed an adult. Because they come from the lower parts of a pig’s body close to the belly, they are usually larger and meatier than baby back ribs and cheaper. If you are hungry but dining on a strict budget, few dishes will be as satisfying and filling as a good set of smoked spare ribs.

5. Smoked barbecue Sausages

Another popular dish to try when visiting a barbecue restaurant Brooklyn is smoked or grilled sausages. Whether you decide to have them linked or separated is up to you and the type of sausage you want to try. If you are spoilt for choice, however, a kielbasa is your best bet as they are the most common type of smoked sausage. You can have them with a side of french fries and a condiment of your liking to create one of the simpler but just as tasty meals on the menu.

6. Barbecue Chicken Wings

Last but certainly not least on our list of dishes to try while in Brooklyn is chicken wings. It is one of the most popular dishes because it is simple, easy to cook and full of flavor. They are very good for serving large groups of people because a serving of chicken wings normally contains multiple individual wings, sometimes as many as 24, on a single platter.

Find the Best Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn Today

The restaurant scene in Brooklyn is much bigger than the dishes we have discussed, so you will need to have an appetite that matches it while you stay there. With so many restaurants and dishes to choose from, do not waste your opportunity to truly indulge yourself before you leave. Your stomach will thank you for it for many years to come, and you may end up even visiting again for more culinary adventures.