54 Baby Trey is Bringing the Heat Just in Time for Summer with New Music and New Videos

The summer of 2022 is sure to have its share of hits across the rap and hip-hop industry and Milwaukee’s rising star 54 Baby Trey is looking for his share of the market. He has kept the year consistent with releases and now is ramping up production with the drop of three new songs. “Grieving” was the first and touches on themes of being humble and coming up in life despite challenges. The most recent single was “Switching Whips” and the song and subsequent music video have done increasingly well. Finally, “Rock my Teflon” will be the third and is still yet to drop. The three singles all display his distinct tone and deep bass that will surely compliment a windows-down drive with the music turned up. Fans should check back constantly as there is plenty of content to come from 54 Baby Trey including songs, videos, and more.

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