5 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Make Money From Proxies

Did you know that you can make money from proxies as a decedent side income? See beyond things, and explore the possibilities. Use the 6 ways to get countless earning opportunities by proxy reselling. 

Proxies are mainly used for achieving the task of anonymity. You have bought a proxy, and you are eager to use it. 

You will be hiding behind your own proxy IP address, so no one can find out who you are and where you are from. Your identity and privacy are both secure through a proxy wall. 

That’s about the benefits a proxy offers. But can you make money by using proxies or through proxy reselling?

Lets find out.

Is Using Proxies an Ethical Practice?

Many people wonder if using proxies is ethical. The short answer is: it all depends on the user. 

You can think of proxies as similar to any weapon. It can be used with good OR bad intentions. 

Proxies help you with software to run your social media campaigns. You can create multiple accounts hiding behind different IP addresses and build your media campaigns. 

Your own brand can go sky high and make huge amounts of money after using the power of social media, a proxy server, and the right tool wisely. 

One can use a proxy in a good and ethical way. One such way is to make money by proxy reselling where your investment is minimal and profits are huge. 

Don’t know how?

We are here to tell you.

5 Ways To Earn Through Proxies

1. Setup A Public Proxy Server with Ads

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A proxy acts like an internet browser. 

Internet users look for a public proxy to browse through the internet so that their identity and real IP addresses can be hidden. 

If you have already bought a proxy or a set of proxies, you are good to set up your own public proxy. Anyone could be able to use your public proxies. 

You will need to enable advertisements to generate money from clicks and several other ad activities. 

Glype is the software resource that will help you with this setup. It is a proxy script that is server-based and is written in PHP language. 

You can choose its free plan, which is ideal for personal use. You should also explore the paid plan to avail yourself of it. It’s a great practical way to make money from proxies.

2. Use Scrapebox For Keyword & URL Scraping With Proxies

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ScrapeBox is an SEO tool or an app you buy once for $179. It runs on Windows OS, only having a huge server of tools. It offers many relevant features to SERP Trackers and Social Media Campaigns. With ScrapeBox, keyword tracking is way simpler and easier. 

ScrapeBox harvests search engine. It finds and scrapes URLs having similar content to your search term, so you can compile all data fast with ease. 

The app comes with a feature called the Comment Poster. This feature lets you automate blog comments, increasing user engagement by ranking your page using embedded backlinks. 

You need proxies to do this all in the first place. It is important to know that using ScrapeBox for searching for keywords and scraping URLs will not generate money for you.

Besides, using proxies with ScrapeBox will highly improve your site visibility, leading you to earn a lot of money. 

3. Use SERP Tracker to Get Rankings

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We all know that the site’s longevity doesn’t matter in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even the new sites can rank high using the right SEO strategies with keywords. Knowing the keywords people use to look for certain terms makes it easier for content creators to answer those queries. 

Now the point is how you can make money from proxies using SERP trackers. Proxies do keyword positioning as people do not want to use their real IP address while doing this. 

You will get banned if you position keywords with a single IP address. This is because the keyword positioning process involves huge amounts of data. 

Since you are a proxy owner, you can do keyword position scrapping and web scraping to gain keyword positions and higher ranks. 

You can sell this information and earn so much money from many business owners and companies. They buy this data to support their SEO activities. 

4. Run Social Media Campaigns To Make Money From Proxies

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Most social media handles have also recently become great business opportunity providers. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to run successful business campaigns and get unlimited followers by raising your brand’s voice. 

You get heard and gain a lot of engagement only if you consistently post. You should make a calendar to keep track of your social media postings. 

Creating multiple accounts on multiple platforms is also applicable and result-oriented. Remember that you can also get banned by these social media sites if they notice unusually abundant activity on your account.

Regarding social media, Follow Liker is the most popular tool to work well with proxies. With this software, you can customize all Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter settings. 

Solo entrepreneurs can also make money from proxies by offering social media services to different businesses around the globe. 

5. Become a Legal DDoS Tester

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DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service that doesn’t have a good reputation. It is because hackers use it as anonymous beings and perform unethical activities. 

So, how should you use DDoS to make money with proxies ethically? You can be a DDoS tester and offer your services to websites to test their site security. 

You will need certain coding skills during the process with your proxies to become a DDoS tester. But you will end up making a lot of money for sure. 

Many large organizations and other business websites need security. YOu will be using your skills for good. This can be your next efficient way to make money from proxies. 

Above are the 6 ethical and proven ways to make money from proxies.

With these 6 tried and tested earning methods, you can also benefit from using your proxies. Just stick to; ‘honesty is the best policy rule during your proxy reselling

Wrapping Up

You can make money from proxies by using the effective techniques mentioned above. 

The nice thing is your customers are completely safe and protected behind a proxy. So, availing of this option is a good idea for them. Having proxies ensures that they are unknown and secure. 

There is a huge demand for proxies with the ever-rising competition on the market. So, by using the right strategies, you can easily make money by selling proxies.


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