5 Tips to Unlock the Best Nights Rest

Our sleep quality matters so much more than what we give it credit for. If you want to be sure to get the best night’s rest that you can, you may need to change up some things in your routine or home to make it the perfect sleep oasis. From your bedding to your evening habits, here are a few tips to unlock your best night’s rest:

Invest in a great mattress

When it comes to good sleep, your bed definitely matters. If you find yourself tossing and turning before sleep and can’t get comfortable, it could be your mattress. If you wake up in pain and feel shoddy, it may also be your mattress. Invest in the best mattress for you, whether it’s a hybrid mattress or a memory foam one.

Make sure you’re as comfortable as can be when it’s time to get to sleep. While you’re ensuring your room is comfortable, also make sure to invest in quality bedding that will help regulate your temperature as you sleep.

Take sleep supplements

If you are dealing with insomnia or anxiety, chances are that you could use a little help to get to sleep. Some people may need to speak to their psychiatrists about sleep medications, but most people may just need sleep supplements with a little melatonin to aid them in dozing off quickly at bedtime.

Because sleep is so important to our overall health and quality of life, it’s important to do what we can to make sure we get the best nights of rest that we can, including developing a night time routine.

Read before bed

If you need to turn off your brain after a long day, you may want to turn to your favorite shows and while there’s definitely time for that, consider setting up a routine where you watch an episode of your show and then read before bed.

Screens’ lights can impact your circadian rhythm and make it hard for you to get to sleep. Reading can help to calm your brain and also make you sleepy so that it’s easy for you to drift off at night.

Set the temperature

When the temperature is a bit off in the day, you may not notice, but at night, you can find it nearly impossible to sleep if it’s not set “just right.” This looks like different things to different people. Some people need it to be “freezing” to get to sleep while others want it to feel warm and snug when it’s bedtime.

The problem may be when you partner up and you and your partner have different preferences. Consider the idea of a mattress that can be set to different temperatures for optimal comfort for both of you.

Limit caffeine

If you love your coffee, that’s great. However, limit your coffee to the morning. For some people, drinking caffeine after 1:00 p.m. can make it really hard for them to get to sleep at night.

Excess caffeine can also keep you feeling jittery throughout the day and make it tough for you to drift off at night. Consider replacing your third cup of coffee with an herbal tea instead. You still get the warmth of a hot drink but avoid overdoing it with your caffeine.

In Conclusion

A good night of rest is needed. In this day and age, with so many things vying for our attention and mental strength, it’s important to give your body and mind what it needs and that is: plenty of rest. From making sure your bedroom is designed for optimal comfort to ensuring you get the sleep support that you may need, prioritizing your sleep is a must.

Jonathan Matis

Jonathan is a writer and editor. He has a degree in Journalism and Master's in International Relations. He has a focus on British, American, Indian and African politics but has more recently found a soft spot for celebrity news. In his spare time, Jonathan loves reading/listening to crime novels/podcasts.

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