5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Illinois for Celebrity Homes

Are you interested in buying a luxurious property or just want to indulge your eyes? With so many beautiful homes and properties, it’s no wonder some of the most expensive ones are located in Illinois. From celebrities and influential politicians to high-end investors… take a look at some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Illinois for celebrity homes. After reading our list, you might even be tempted to buy one of these properties for your family!

North Centre, Chicago

It’s not a surprise that the first one of the most expensive neighborhoods on our list is in Chicago. North Centre has a population of fewer than 50,000 people, and it’s one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in. On one hand, this part of the city has a suburban charm most celebrities are looking for. Successfully buying a property here is only for those with deeper pockets. On the other side – it’s a place where you can enjoy different restaurants, shops, and parks, just like any other family. If you are looking for an up-scale neighborhood that is great for both families and young professionals, this might be your new home destination. Just keep in mind that a home here is not less than $500,000.

Lincoln, Chicago

If you are looking for the most expensive neighborhoods in Illinois and have the money for a new home, look no further. Lincoln in Chicago is one of the best neighborhoods you could find. The reason it became so popular is that various millionaires and investors decided to invest in properties here.

An average home in this Chicago neighborhood is no less than $1 million. Moreover, one of the properties stands out in particular, since there are almost no citizens of Chicago that haven’t heard of it (or seen it). The Parillo Mansion is located in Lincoln Park, more specifically, on Burling Street. The name of the mansion comes from the first property owners – the Parrillo family. They’ve built this mansion in 2010, and it has different owners since then. It has plenty of outdoor space and doesn’t resemble a family home at all. The current price of this home is just below $45 million.

Old Barrington Estates, North Barrington

The next neighborhood we’ll mention is not located in Chicago. Old Barrington Estates are located in North Barrington. This is a traditional country estate and a home to many luxurious properties. The average home in Old Barrington Estates sells for over $1.5 million.

This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Illinois, for sure. If you buy your home here, you will most likely see or meet a celebrity living nearby. And the best part of living here is – the surroundings!North Barrington is famous for its greenery, plenty of trees, and meadows you can enjoy with your family.If you have a deeper pocket and want to live in a modern mention with an old-school charm, Old Barrington Estates are the perfect neighborhood for you.

Woods Of Cantigny, Winfield

As one of the smallest neighborhoods on our list, Woods of Cantigny is as luxurious as it gets. Most homes in this Winfield neighborhood are no less than $500,000, but most of them will cost you above that price.If you’re looking for countryside charm and classic-style homes with plenty of space, this is the perfect location for you.

The average household in this neighborhood earns above $100,000 per year and most of them own their homes. So, those who decide to move to this neighborhood are most likely living on a pretty good salary.If decide to call this neighborhood your home, make sure to plan your relocation the right way. You can let professionals pack your belongings and hire reliable crews to handle transfer on your moving day. Most moves in Woods Of Cantigny are residential, so you’ll have plenty of neighbors to share your experience with.

Gold Coast

If you’re looking for a luxurious neighborhood for your new home, Gold Cost should be your choice. This part of Illinois is located near Lake Michigan, which makes the neighborhood very romantic. Gold Coast is known as one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Illinois and it’s home to many historic mansions. Although it looks like a romantic oasis for the rich, Gold Coast has a dynamic lifestyle. It offers its residents plenty of high-end restaurants, boutiques, and hotels.

When it comes to celebrity homes, the most expensive one sold in this neighborhood was on Walton Street. Moreover, it’s the most expensive home ever sold in the Chicago area – for a whopping $80 million! This property is a penthouse spread over four floors and 25,000 square feet.

Planning a move to Illinois soon?

If you already set your mind on one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Illinois, you are in luck. This state doesn’t lack luxurious properties – all you need to do is choose the one you like and be ready for the cost. Experts from Golans Moving and Storage advise setting the moving date as early as you can. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to organize your move and relocate all of your belongings safely.

Choosing a home in Illinois can be an easy task, especially if you have deep enough pockets. Wonderful nature and historic homes are just a small part of what makes Illinois a mecca for high-end homeowners.This is why you might want to consider buying a home here. If you have the money and want to enjoy luxury and privacy, there are plenty of homes you could find in this state.

If you decide to buy a new home in this state, make sure to have a professional show you a few properties. No matter how much you’re willing to spend on it, closing the deal could be a time-consuming process.


We made a list of the 5 most expensive neighborhoods in Illinois for celebrity homes – these are just the ones that caught our eye. If this is the type of property you’re looking for, make sure to do your reasearch. With so many beautiful homes to choose from, it’s not easy picking out the most luxurious one!