4 Major Causes of Personal Injury

What do you understand a personal injury to be? It helps to know that more revolves around the term than you could have imagined. 

Based on the statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 175,000 Americans fall victims to unintentional injuries every year. Accident-related harm is the top fourth reason for fatality after cancer and heart diseases.

Now, think about when a negligent or reckless person causes you harm or damage that affects your body or mind. Probably the damage is too much. As a result, it severely impacts your life, causing physical pain and emotional disorder and lowering the quality of your life.

You might be a very cautious person. But, often you can’t prevent cases of personal injuries. Such harm can affect an individual’s life to a greater extent and you would need the assistance of a professional personal injury lawyer to claim any compensation. 

Such injuries that lead to a lawsuit can stem from various causes. They could be:

  • Car accidents
  • Injuries from animals, such as dog bites 
  • Premise liabilities (injuries attained on someone’s property, like a slip and fall)
  • Medical negligence (caused by medics, medical facilities, or errors by other healthcare providers)
  • Injuries stemming from serving someone intoxicated alcohol, also known as dram shop laws
  • Intentional injuries, including assaults.

Those who suffer from personal injuries often end up overwhelmed by piled medical costs and other bills. Primarily, such people cannot cater to their needs effectively. They might even be unable to return to their everyday work routine.

Importance of Filing Legal Claims for Personal Injuries

Thankfully, victims of personal injuries can file a legal claim against those responsible for their damages. Filing the lawsuit will help you receive compensation for your injuries, plus other damages.

So, if you suffer an injury after being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s always best to consult a lawyer. Experienced personal injury lawyers in Pasenada advocate that you seek legal representation in such cases. When you visit the personal injury lawyer, the legal expert will clarify the process of making the proper claims.

The attorney will also give the timeline expected for your claim’s successful execution. A personal injury lawyer will help you seek the justice and compensation you deserve for your pain and agony.

Depending on your injury’s cause, you may choose to work with:

  • General personal injury lawyer
  • Car accident lawyer
  • Maritime injury lawyer
  • Work injury lawyer
  • Premises liability lawyer

Now, let us look at some common causes of personal injury.

1. Auto Accidents

Usually, the type of injury sustained from automobile accidents will vary depending on the severity of the impact. Sprains, bruises, and other soft tissue injuries like damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments are common in auto accidents. The severe injury types tend to cause long-lasting effects on victims.

You might experience an injury resulting from a car accident that wasn’t your fault. In this case, you can seek compensation for the damages and harm. 

As the prosecutor or complainant, you need accurate medical documentation about the injuries you sustained. You also require insurance details and a police report stating the events of the accident.

2. Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractices involve injuries caused by a medical practitioner’s inappropriate treatment or negligence. The personal injury case’s confirmation requires evidence of a medic having broken a healthcare rule or taken incorrect, improper, or negligent action in treating a patient.

The medicines that doctors prescribe or the surgeries they carry out can sometimes cause adverse reactions. This seems to be the case frequently when the healthcare professional did not have the sufficient amount of expertise to carry out the procedure. 

For a long time now, medical malpractices have been common. An American Medical Association study states that 42% of patients in Emergency Departments and urgent care settings have made medical malpractice claims from 2001-15. 

3. Product Liability

As a manufacturer or seller of products, you’re held liable if you place a defective product into the commercial stream. Here, all the parties responsible for any part of the product’s manufacture will account for the resulting injuries. The seller is also likely to be held liable.

You may be entitled to compensation for the damages if you’re injured when using any defective product. But, particular injuries sustained by the ‘unavoidably harmful’ products are not included.

4. Slip and Fall Accidents

Anyone injured due to slip and fall cases in public or private premises will likely receive compensation for their injuries. Slip and fall personal injury-related cases will be based on the overall environmental safety. 

The question is whether the property is unreasonably risky to the entire public. So, the injured person’s case becomes effective if the area is dangerous to others too.

What Are The Popular Types of Damages?

Personal injury actions usually cause three types of damage.

  • Hard Damages

Such damages involve lost wages, incurred medical costs, and also recovery of the cost of any additional purchases resulting from the injury, such as crutches. Hard damages can be calculated quickly if supported by paystubs, medical bills, and tax records. Thus, keeping an excellent record of your injury case is necessary.

  • General Damages

This includes the extent of pain, suffering, fear, and mental effects resulting from the injury. You can claim damages on their behalf if a loved one sustains permanent injuries and can no longer continue with their everyday activities. 

The lawsuit can be in the form of loss of ability to progress with a normal life. It’s often not easy to calculate such damages. Usually, citizen jurors are advised to use reasonable judgment in determining the right amounts.

  • Punitive Damages

Rarely can the jury award punitive damages. Such types of damages are not necessarily meant for the victim’s compensation. Instead, it aims to punish the party responsible for the injury and discourage such conduct in the future. 

In this case, the jury must establish that the person is liable for the injury acted out of negligence, malice, or intent. It might also be caused by the person’s irresponsible or mindless disregard for their actions. These damage types need higher standards of proof.

Final Thoughts

Personal injuries arise from harm caused by one person to another. They mainly stem from auto accidents, medical malpractices, slip and fall accidents, and product liability. These cases often result in an injury that needs medical attention and perhaps time off work. 

When it comes to personal injuries, one often overlooked cause is dog bites. For example, California dog bite laws hold owners accountable for their pets’ actions, ensuring that victims can seek compensation for the physical and emotional toll of such incidents. If you’ve been injured by a dog, it’s crucial to know your rights and consult with legal experts to navigate the complexities of these laws.

Despite your case type, an experienced personal injury lawyer can offer you the best guidance. The legal expert will help you establish whether you have a case and what particular kind of damages you can recover. 

No matter the nature of the personal injury, ensure you take immediate actions to seek legal help. That way, you can get the compensation you deserve within the stipulated time. It helps to always consider the statute of limitations for personal injuries.