4 Exercises That Are Good for Your Heart

A healthy heart is a key to your overall wellbeing. No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, there are ways that you can protect your heart from common issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

When you exercise, you can even keep track of your heart rate with a device such as a smartwatch or other wearable monitor. This can help you set specific targets for your heart so you can change your exercise routine to suit it.You can also learn how to estimate your average heart rate by feeling your pulse and timing it.

Whether you wish to keep track of your heart rate and measure your progress or not, one thing’s certain: exercise is good for your ticker. With that in mind, if you would like to know four of the best physical activities for your heart health, keep reading.

1. Running

Running is one of the most accessible types of exercise since it requires hardly any equipment and can be performed at any level. Although getting started with absolutely no running experience can be a challenge, eventually, you will find your stride.

Running is excellent for the health of your heart since it gets your blood pumping, and you can gradually push yourself to new limits. You can easily go at your own pace and stop whenever your body needs to rest, too.

2. Walking

If running isn’t for you, then walking is another great way to keep your heart fit and healthy. It can cause less physical strain compared to running if you already have a weakened heart or joint issues, and you can add layers of difficulty in increments.

For example, you could start by walking at a brisk pace and working up to steeper inclines. If you carry a backpack, you could begin to make it heavier each time you go for a walk to add difficulty.

3. Cycling

For people who want to go fast, have painful joints, or both, then cycling is one of the best forms of exercise. It is very low impact on your bones and still provides excellent cardiovascular results.If you’re interested in this type of exercise, sites like steedbikes.com are a great option, where you canfind out which kind of bike would suit your needs best.

4. Swimming

Another fantastic exercise that trains your heart without wearing out your bones is swimming. Depending on your abilities and preference, it can be either the most tranquil or the most intense of activities.

If you live somewhere with access to a safe part of the sea, swimming here can be even more beneficial to your health.Saltwater makes it easier to stay afloat, and studies have shown that swimming in the ocean can also improve mental health.

Alongside a healthy diet, good sleep, and lower stress levels, exercise is vital for a strong heart. Whether you have absolutely nothing wrong with yours or a condition you need to keep an eye on, there will always be something you can do to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. If you are ever in doubt about whether or not a type of exercise would be suitable for your individual health needs, get in touch with your doctor.