300 Skaate & Kuttem Reese Team Up For ‘BACK2BACK’

300 Skaate teamed up with fellow hip hop artist Kuttem Reese for the release of their newest track ‘BACK2BACK’.

On ‘BACK2BACK’, both MCs offer up bars about just how far they have come in their life. Lyrics about upgrading in all ways of life despite their opposition trying to dirt them paint a vivid picture of the type of obstacles the duo has had to fight through. The song is a message to their haters, letting them know that there is nothing they can do to stop their come up.

‘BACK2BACK’ comes as a follow up a plethora of singles the artist has dropped so far, this year. 300 Skate made his debut to all major platforms earlier this year with his track ‘Beef’ and been on a roll ever since.

You can listen to ‘BACK2BACK’ below:

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