3 ways to make your home safer

Your home should really be your safe space – it’s the one place that is completely yours and where you can truly relax. Sometimes though, your home may not feel as safe as you’d like it to be.This could be for a number of reasons, but there are ways in which you can make your house a little more secure.

From products you can install, to helping yourself, by adopting new habits, here are just a few ways to make your home a safer place to be.

1. Install an alarm

When most people think of getting an alarm, they think of what it can do if someone tries to break in. However, an alarm can do more than that…Once installed, it acts as a deterrent for those who might be tempted to break into your home.

If you’re a criminal looking to burgle someone’s home, you’re much less likely to go for a property with a visible alarm on the outside. This is too much of a risk for most criminals so this can really reduce your chances of anything untoward happening.

You can even get smart alarms that let you know if any suspicious activity is occurring while you’re out, and they automatically contact the appropriate authorities.

2. Always lock up

You probably always lock up at night and when you are going out, but locking up all the time, is a great habit to get into. From external doorsto the windows around your home, making sure that each time you close one, you lock it, you’ll always be rest assuredit’s done.

It’s worryingto suddenly think: “have I locked the kitchen window,” or “did I lock the backdoor,” when you’re out and about. But if you get into the habit of always doing it, you will have the peace of mind that your home’s as secure as it can be.

3. Get an anti-loitering alarm

Sometimes, the reason that you don’t feel safe in your own home, is due to disturbing activity outside your home. Loiterers can make anyone feel uncomfortable.

While these individuals can be any age, the people most likely to be seen outside your home, are teenagers. Installing something like an anti-loitering alarm, from somewhere like The Mosquito Device, can really help with this issue. These alarms use a high frequency sound that wards off younger people.

As older people can’t hear the sound it makes, it won’t likely be an issue for you while you’re at home. It can be a very effective, non-confrontational way of getting them to leave.

Everyone needs to feel safe in their own home, and it’s not a great feeling if you’re worried about your security.Implementing any of these measures, can really make a difference, andhelp you feel more relaxed, whether at home or away. We all have the right to feel safe, no matter where we are, but especially in our own homes.

Prajakta Amrutsagar

Prajakta writes about a range of topics including politics, sports, music, books, films and feminism. When she’s not writing, Prajakta loves riding her bike and exploring new bakeries.

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