3 Things You Might Not Know About Alice Kwok

Alice Kwok was born June 4th in Hong Kong. She is most notably known as a real estate expert in the South Florida area. But here are 3 things you might not know about Alice

Alice is an avid orchid collector. This is apparent when you walk into her home. They are all over. Her growing collection started when she took home blossom-less plants discarded by friends and family. Somehow, she discovered how easy it was to care for them. What she loves the most about orchids is their beauty and their resilience. “They are a high-return investment,” Alice says. They need little water and their beautiful blossoms last anywhere from 6-8 weeks to several months. “They are exotic and elegant, and placing them indoors elevates any living space.”

Alice has a neck for design, renovation and home organization. For her, decorating is a therapeutic experience. “My mind races with all sorts of ideas, and I just have to bring them into existence,” she says. “I love to revamp my home often, from giving the wall a fresh coat of a new color to an entire re-modeling project.” For her, it’s important that the decor makes a home beautiful and comfortable and efficient.

Her decorating style is practical, modern, and glamorous. Her travels inspire her: When she visited Tulum, she was influenced by the local architecture’s raw materials and free-flowing lines.

Alice loves public speaking. Alice had the opportunity to be the president of her speech club. In 2014 she joined Toastmasters to practice the science and art of public speaking. She believes that there are plenty of avenues for public speaking as long as the speakers have passion for their message and their story. Nowadays, she uses her skill when attending meetings, negotiations, and connecting with others.

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