3 Fun Things to Do with Elderly Parents in Assisted Living

There is nothing quite like socialization to keep your elderly parents in assisted living happy and healthy. Although you debated long and hard about whether to place your parents in an assisted living facility, you knew that it was the best thing for them. They weren’t able to manage on their own and you still work a full-time job, with overtime many weeks. Now that they have adjusted to their new home, it’s probably time to start thinking about some fun things to do to get them out and about.

1. Go for a Leisurely Afternoon in the Park

One of the things you did when searching for the right residence for your aging parents was probably to do a search for skilled nursing facilities near me that allow outings to the park. It probably depends on the level of care your aging parents need, but a leisurely walk around the local park can actually begood for your folks. Getting out into the fresh air tends to rejuvenate them and you will see the smile come to their faces as they watch the children playing on the playground. It will bring back memories of when you were young, and they brought you to ride down the slides or crawl across the jungle gym.

2. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Here’s a walk of another kind that will stimulate their now fragile minds. Bring along a few photo albums you can peruse with them. Let them express as many memories as they can because it is good for them at this stage in their lives when they may be susceptible to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Some people stay as sharp as a whistle for the entirety of their lives while others begin experiencing memory loss by the day as they grow older. The best way to help them mitigate the ravages of age on the mind is to keep it active and what better way than reminiscing on days gone by with people and places that meant so much to them.

3. Bring the Grandkids and Go for an Ice Cream

While it might be a bit taxing to bring little people into a senior residence with all that extra energy they tend to carry along with them, why can’t the kids take Grandma and Grandpa for an ice cream? At this stage of their lives, those grandkids are probably their great grandchildren, but the love never wanes. What a lovely day it will be for you as well with your parents and your own grandchildren laughing and enjoying that delicious frozen goodness.

Try to plan for times outside the residence and time spent relaxing within. Let them introduce you to the friends they’ve made and maybe even get in a game or two of cards. If at all possible, you want to get them out of the building into fresh air. It might not be possible during the cold winter months, but for as long as the weather permits, get them out into that warm sunshineand fresh air that can lift anyone’s spirits. The point is to have fun. They will look forward to your visits and that’s what keeps them young at heart.